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The Ancient History of the Maori, His Mythology and Traditions: Tai-Nui. [Vol. VI]

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Ancient History of
the Maori
Mythology and Traditions

Volume VI
By Authority: George Didsbury, Government Printer.
[All rights reserved.]

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How soon, my child, my thoughts of thee
Are partly lost to memory,
As now I gaze on flitting clouds
That pass o'er yonder distant isle—
A lovely isle, the sight of which
Calls back the past of all thou wast!
But, oh! I left thee in our home,
Nor dared to stay and watch
For coming crowd of tribes to aid;
And now my grief and soliloquy
O'ercome me as, at a distance thus,
I ponder o'er my people's love and power.
Flow on, thou tide [of death]; rise high,
And quickly mount to utmost height,
And use thy mighty chilling power;
But rob the dread of Muri-whenua
Now held o'er me by Te Tere.
My bird of fame (my child) still lives,
And shall with chiefs in council sit,
And claim the right to utter all
That mind can frame and hand can do,
Though chilled by dreadful omens seen in Pleiades.
Te-whare-pou-rutu and Nga-ti-awa, all
Shall in a host arrive and end my grief,
And love gain shall show its power.