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The Ancient History of the Maori, His Mythology and Traditions: Horo-Uta or Taki-Tumu Migration. [Vol. I]


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Chapter. Page.
  The gods, how represented 1
  Notes and words 4
I. Whare-Kura 7
  School of Agriculture 13
  Astronomical School 15
II. Mythology of Creation 17
  Origin of various gods 19
  Origin of Tane 21
  Gods of the winds 23
  Gods of the upper worlds 25
  Seasons of the year 27
  Cold and heat 29
  Gods of misfortune and disease 31
  Produce of the earth eaten 33
  Gods of food 35
III. Tane and Rebellion of Spirits 36
  Fire first known 37
  Battle in the heavens 39
  First murder in the world 41
  Origin of cannibalism 43
  Origin of death 45
IV. Division of Heaven and Earth 46
  Origin of stars and clouds 49
  Origin of sun and moon 51
  Stars and their names 53
  Ta-whaki worshipped 55
  Offerings to gods, how presented 57
  Origin of fish 59
  Ta-whaki in quest of his father 61
  Ta-whaki ascends on a spider's thread 63
  Ta-whaki kills his enemies 65
  Birth of Wahie-roa and Rata 67
V. Death of Wahie-Roa 68
  Rata's voyage 69
  The attack 71
  The stone axes 73
  Matuku killed 75
  Prisoners taken 77
  Warriors embark 79 page break
VI. Death of Wahie-Roa 81
  Rehua and Rupe 83
  Death of Kai-tangata 85
  Awa-nui-a-rangi 87
  Death of Karihi 89
  Rata and the fairies 91
  Attack on Matuku 93
VII. Attempt to Murder Ta-Whaki 95
  Whai-tiri and her children 97
  Attempt to murder Ta-whaki 99
  Ta-whaki ascends to Heaven 101
  War on the fairies 103
  Death of Maru 105
  Offerings to gods 107
  Revenge of Rongo-mai 109
  Whai-tiri the blind 111
  Hine-nui-te-po 113
VIII. Ta-Whaki Ascends to Heaven 115
  Hapai and Ta-whaki 117
  Ta-whaki baptizes his child 119
  Whai-tiri and Kai-tangata 121
  Ta-whaki and Karihi 123
  Ta-whaki and Tama-i-waho 125
  Whati-tiri mistaken 127
  Tawhaki and Hapai-a-maui 129
  Tane and Hine-hau-one 131
IX. Creation of Woman 133
  Tane in search of Rehua 135
  Tane in search of Hine-hau-one 137
  Ocean made 139
  Tane separates Raki and Papa 141
  The living water of Tane 143
X. The God Tane 144
  Trees produced by Tane 145
  Tane in search of his wife 147
  Stars obtained by Tane 149
XI. Creation of Man and Woman 151
  Creation of man 153
  Creation of woman 155
  Rangi and Papa separated 161
  Woman made 163
XII. The Deluge 165
  Chiefs and high priests 167
  The flood 173
  The raft on the waters 175
  Flood subsides 177
  Offerings made for delivery 179
  The earth convulsed 181