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The Ancient History of the Maori, His Mythology and Traditions: Horo-Uta or Taki-Tumu Migration. [Vol. I]

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Ancient History of the
Mythology and Traditions.
Horo-Uta or Taki-Tumu Migration.

Volume I
By Authority: George Didsbury, Government Printer.
[All rights reserved.]

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I thought, my child, I had severed the hold of night over us
When at thy birth the fruitful winds of years of plenty blew,
And met in crowds, and heralded the coming Pleiades,
And banished famine, hunger, want, and need from man.
Then man was guided to the island Wai-ro-ta;
The star Pu-anga led him to Raro-tonga,
Where he built the house Maru-ao-nui,
And, guided by Te Whaka-ha, he went to Hawa-i-ki,
And built the house called Rangi-aio,
And placed the twins of Tai-nga-hue [sun and moon]
Far in the sky, as signs for ever in the heavens.