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The Web of the Spider

Glossary of Maori Terms

page 377

Glossary of Maori Terms.

  • Atua, Spirit, god.
  • Hapu, division of tribe.
  • Kanini, the wild fuchsia.
  • Kapai, good.
  • Karakia, charm, incantation.
  • Kati, enough.
  • Kawana, governor.
  • Kumara, native potato.
  • Mana, authority, prestige.
  • Marae, open square in a pah.
  • Moana, the ocean.
  • Pah, a fortified village.
  • Pakeha, white man.
  • Pouri, dark, gloomy.
  • Rangatira, chief, gentleman.
  • Raupo, flag or reed used in thatching.
  • Reinga, the underworld.
  • Rimu, red pine.
  • Taipo, devil.
  • Tangi, mourning, lamentation.
  • Tapu, sacred, consecrated.
  • Taro, fern-root, a native food.
  • Tohunga, priest.
  • Wahine, woman, wife.
  • Weka, the woodhen.
  • Whare, house.
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