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The Journal of Edward Ward 1850-51

Sunday, March 16th

Sunday, March 16th

Fine day but gusty—stormy gusts from every quarter of the heavens, with one or two smart showers. The William and Alfred not having yet sailed, Dr Jackson came ashore and preached morning and evening—indifferently well. Another brig came in today—the Prince of Wales, of and from Sydney—with sheep, horses & goats. Hamilton and Wortley went on board, taking the boat without consulting me—clearly against good morals of a Sunday. The singing in church pretty good though not led by Butterfield. Heard that he had gone to Akaroa with another man to saw timber. Easy to see how page 150that will end—disgust the first moment the saw requires setting. Turnbull continuing ill, Wortley continues to board with us and is a serious burden upon our resources, especially as he gives no thanks for it and we have a guest besides in Maunsell who (sooth to say) is much better worth his salt. Some men are so unthinking of others in their thoughts for themselves. It would be so easy for Wortley to contribute towards the mess expenses by a loaf or a joint now and then. Perhaps I am churlish upon this subject. I feel myself at heart not much given to hospitality, but I excuse myself much by establishing a difference in the case where hospitality comes direct out of the giver's purse and where, as is usual in a colony, it costs next to nothing. The weather has evidently broken up and become unsettled. Our first working party, Henry and Caughey, are to go to-morrow to the Island with tent and grub.