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The Journal of Edward Ward 1850-51

Tuesday, February 18th

Tuesday, February 18th

Breakfasted with Godley at half past seven and got away to Christchurch to finish the choices. Was there all day till five and finished the business. Afterwards went round the town and observed the progress making, sorry to see so few permanent buildings going up. Mr Brittan, Richards & page 131Phillips are the only persons doing anything but the most temporary makeshifts. Came home at seven and found poor Novice had taken the 'toot' and had been very ill, but recovered again. Willy had found her staggering in one of the distant gullies and had great difficulty in driving her home. Cattle at this time of year find so little grass fit to eat that they rush to 'toot' as the only succulent food. Even well acclimatised cows may eat too much of it, but they are not so likely to die as those newly landed. Found on my return a letter from the Colonial Secretary enclosing letters patent by the Governor appointing me to the Commission of the Peace. Wrote a civil reply expressing my sense of the honour. Andy and the boys had been at work on the boat and had got her 'on the stocks'. Such is the commencement of our move to the Island, to find wherewithal to get there. Mrs Phillips amused me today by telling me all the bachelors in her ship were going home in two years to be married—we shall be a gay lot if we all live to accomplish our intentions. The Perseverance put back this morning from foul weather. Miserable work to have to fear that my letters may after all be too late for the Robert Syers. Quick, good ship! bear speedily the answer to my love. Crompton told me today he was going home by Robert Syers and would take a parcel. What can I send? The idlers of the Castle Eden are a great bore. They seem to take no thought of putting up houses for themselves so they prey upon us and other people, forgetting that we have to pay for them and it is not as if we were feeding them from our own produce. Maunsell seems the nicest and the only nice fellow.