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Early Wellington


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This work is an endeavour on my part to compress into one volume, events that occurred in the New Zealand Company's first settlement in New Zealand between the years of 1839 to 1850, with additional chapters containing a few incidents occurring up to the year 1870.

Part II. comprises the origin of place and street names.

The other portions of the book contain a few biographical sketches and general information.

While collecting data and illustrations, and during the progress of the compilation, I have received much assistance from many persons, and thus have formed unexpected friendships, enabling me to accomplish what has been an arduous, but enlightening and fascinating task.

To all these helpers, I tender my heartfelt thanks, especially to Sir R. D. Douglas Maclean,* who by his encouragement and generosity has made it possible to present to the public a volume on Wellington worthy of the city's beautiful surroundings.

I am also indebted to the following for information and photographs:— Sir F. R. Chapman for his kindly interest in the work and for the use of his library; Mr. Elsdon Best for his ready and valuable advice, and for checking the manuscript; Mr. E. G. Pilcher for early records and sketches, etc.; Mr. W. T. Neill, Surveyor-General of New Zealand (1928); and the Lands and Survey Department for use of official records and maps. Mr. W. J. Mc-Eldowney for loan of copper plate blocks which were once used by the “London Illustrated News” in the forties. Lady Maclean, Mrs. W. Simcox (senr.), nee Colenso (Otaki), Mrs. F. H. Spencer (Rotorua), Mrs. A. T. Ward, Miss A. Dorset, Right Hon. Sir Robert Stout, K.C.M.G., Right Hon. Sir F. H. Dillon Bell, Sir James and Lady Wilson, Bishop Sprott, Messrs. R. H. and G. E. Hunter, A. de Bathe Brandon, A. D. Crawford, J. Wm. Marshall (Rangitikei), R. S. Abraham (Palmerston North), Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Helyer, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Taine, Councillor W. H. Bennett, Messrs. Jas. Cowan, R. K. Lyon, Lindsay T. Buick, J. A. Plimmer, C. J. Freeman, W. J. Halse (Wadestown), E. W. Kane, L. McKenzie, E. D. Cachemaille, A. B. Fitchett (senr.), H. J. W. Mason, G. A. Troup (Mayor), Officers of the City Council and Harbour Board Staffs, Mr. J. C. Andersen (Alexander Turnbull Library), Dr. G. H. Scholefield (General Assembly Library), H. Baillie (Public Library), The Evening Post and Dominion (Wellington), Auckland Weekly (Auckland), Free Lance (Wellington), Canterbury Times and Weekly Press (Christchurch), Messrs. R. P. Furness (Marlborough Express), E. T. Robson and S. P. Andrew, photographers, and to Whitcombes, for the successful manner in which they have prepared old prints and photographs for the illustrations.

I have relied principally on the veracity of published records, and made copious extracts from books and letters written in the 'forties, in an attempt to portray the conditions of life of that period.

Louis E. Ward

18A Kelburn Parade.

* The writer is grieved to state that Sir Douglas Maclean's death has taken place since the introduction was written.