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Early Wellington

Shipping Arrivals

Shipping Arrivals.

During the year a number of ships carrying passengers and cargo arrived in the harbour.

The names of some of these were obtained from various sources, such as the newspapers and almanacs of the day, Brett's Early N.Z., Cyclopedia of N.Z., Vol. 1, and from autobiographical notes. In some cases the information is incomplete, so the writer does not vouch for its full authenticity.

“David” (Capt. Robinson), Messrs. Daniell, Archdeacon Stock, Jas. Smith, M. Couper.

“Delhi” (Capt. Herbert). Capt. Simpson, Messrs. Lett, Whittaker, Middlecroft, Jameson, Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Mr. Dalzell, Monsieur Pettit, Misses Wilson (2), Mr. Walpole, Mrs. Strauneas, Mr. Faunt, Mr. and Mrs. Crow, Mrs. Mahew, Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Howe, Mr. Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Swainson, Mrs. Earlgrave, Mrs. Townsend.

“Hannah” (90 tons). Mr. Machattie.

“Helena” (Capt. W. B. Rhodes). G. H. Coglan.

“Lady Lilford.” Dr. Campbell, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Mclnnes, Messrs. Grace and James Watt.

“Hope.” Mr. C. R. Bidwill. The “Hope” went aground off Ward Island.

“Integrity” (220 tons). Messrs. Brown, G. and J. Wade, and Mrs. McLiver.

“Middlesex” (564 tons). Messrs. Hair, Rawson, Riley, Thompson, Dr. Shaw, and two stockmen.

“Navarino” (Capt. Naylor). Messrs. Symonds, White, Brown and ten steerage passengers.

“Nimrod.” Capt. Hay and lady, Messrs. Heather and family, McDonnell, Roberts, Roskell and Wilson.

“Royal Merchant.” Messrs. A. Duncan senr. and junr., and W. McDowall.

The passengers arriving by the “Brougham” in 1840 were Messrs. S. M. Scroggs, R. Shepherd, F. Shepherd, E. Norman, A. Wylie and A. Wills.