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Early Wellington

The “Oriental.”

The “Oriental.”

The barque “Oriental,” 506 tons, commanded by Captain Wm. Wilson, with Dr. J. Fitzgerald as surgeon superintendent, sailed from London on the 15th September, 1839, and arrived at Port Nicholson on the 31st January, 1840. There were on the Register (the New Zealand copy) 66 married couples, 29 single men, 3 single women, 17 children between nine and fourteen, and 9 between one and nine. There were 8 births and 2 deaths on the voyage. The names of the passengers were:—

Name Age Wife's Age No. of Children
Anderson, James 22 23
Anderson, David 20
Anderson, Jas. (widower) 40
Anderson, John 24
Baker, John 29 27 1
*Bannister, Wm. (See “Bolton”)
Barnard, James 26 27
Betts, Henry 20
Binns, Richard 29 28 2
Boyton, H.
*Brooks, Albert 25 21
*Bryant, Uriah, 22, John 17
Burgess, W. B.
Catchpool, Ed., and lady
Clark, George 20
Cockburn, James 29 29 3
*Constantine, Rob. 26 20 2
Cormacher, Peter 20
Crouther, Isaiah 30 36 2
* Crump, James 34
Dean, Jabez 21 19 1
Detcham, R. 38
* Detheridge, Henry 25 24
Downey, John 23 23 1
*Draper, Sarah 28
Duppa, George
* Dyer, Joseph 28 25 1
Eaton, R. A. (widower) 53 2
Elsdon, William 25
* Esdale, Andrew 37 29
*Esdale, Thos. 15
*Esdale, Jas. 21
Estaugh, Samuel 21 22
Everett, Wm. 20
Fairbrother, Richard 23 22
*Fardon, Wm. 16
Fitzgerald, Dr. J.
Foulds, William 25
Garner, John 36 29 3
Garrod, Henry 37 23
Gatley, Chas. 22 23
Grant, Wm. 20
* Grigg, George 28 29 1
Grimm, Mary Ann 15
Hodges, A.
Hodges, Mary Ann 28
Holmes, James 26 24 1
Hopper, E. Betts
Hornbrook, A.
Hort, Abraham
Ingram, Samuel 16
Isaac, Francis 27 29 2
Johnson, John 30 32 2
Kentish, John 29 29
Kettle, Chas. Henry 18
Ladd, John 25 page 26
Lenan, Donald 19
Levy, Solomon 23
Levy, Samuel 21
Lewis, David 34 35
Lewis, J., and Miss
Linfoot, Richard 27 26
Lot, James 23
Mantell, W. B. D.
*Mason, Edward Thos. 21 19 1
McKay, Alexander 26
McKenzie, Thos. 20
Meech, Henry 28 25
Molesworth, F. A.
Moreing, H.
Morris, Thos. 16
Morris, Thos. 15
*Newman, Thos. 25 29 1
O'Brien, John 22 25
*Packwood, Laborne H. 20 20
Palfrey, John 51 31
Payne, George 29 22
Petre, Hon. H.
* Richardson, James 30
*Robinson, Wm. 23
Rodgers, Charles 29 20
Salmon, John 20 20
Sayer, Richd. Burgess 21
Seed, Richard 27 25
Shand, A. W. and lady
Sinclair, Dudley
Smith, John 31 29 1
Spencer, Abel 27 23
Spiers, James 27 30
Sutherland, Alexander 29 28 1
Tarvis, Alexander 24
Taylor, William 29 27
Tucker, Josiah 17
Walker, John 26 21 1
Walton, Ann 27 1
* Webb, Sarah A. 24
Welch, W. 33 32 7
Wrigley, Thos. 15

Some of the above were especially recommended by G. T. Palmer (Junr.), J. Phipson, Lord Petre, E. B. Hopper, H. Hughlings, Lord Sandys, Mr. Wakefield, F. A. Molesworth, Sir R. Harland, Jas. B. Gordon, R. Hughes, G. Greenwood and the Hon. H. Petre. Some came out under engagement to Messrs. R. Barton, H. Moreing, J. Palfrey, J. Jackson, Eaton, A. Hodges, D. Sinclair, Dr. Evans, A. Hort, G. Duppa, Dr. Swan, Lieutenant Smith and others.

Some extracts from the log book, received by the owners (Messrs. Barry), and published in the “New Zealand Journal,” p. 176 (1840), are here given:—

“Thurs., Jan. 30. 1840. At 1 p.m.—light breeze—ship steering in towards an opening in the land that appeared to be Port Nicholson.

“Jan. 31st. Col. Wakefield visited the ship at 7th hour—Anchored in 7 fathoms water—From this time to 6 p.m., light variable winds—At 6h. 15m. anchored in 8 fathoms—The ‘Aurora’ and ‘Cuba’ saluted us with eleven guns each.

“Tues. 4th. Feb.—John Horst, Peter Crow, Ed. Lawrence and Chas. Hammond deserted from the boat.

“Wed. 5. Horst returned about 8 a.m.

Frid. 7th and Sat. Discharging the cargo and landing it at the settlement on the banks of the river distant from 4 to 5 miles from where the ship is anchored and set to work on the erection of tents and houses.

“Mon. Feb. 10th. Strong breeze from Southward—no cargo discharged—principal part of the emigrants are confined on board from same cause—issued a day's allowance of Pork.

“Sat. 15 Feb., 1840. Landing cargo and pasengers' luggage on the beach. The whole of the cabin passengers left the ship this morning.

“Sat. March 7th. The “Adelaide” and “Glenbervie” anchored during the night—Received Mr. Barry's letter per “Glenbervie,” dated London, 5/10/39.”

A testimony in favour of Captain Wilson dated 19th March was signed by the cabin passengers on board the “Oriental,” and presented to the captain.

The following is an extract from a letter written by George Duppa to his father, Baldwin Duppa Duppa Esq., of Kent, and dated 26th February, 1840:—

page 27
“Port Nicholson.

“Some of the natives are very good looking, tall, strong looking fellows. They are most of them tattooed, but as they see the Pachias (Pakehas), as they call the whites, never adopt that practice, it is beginning to go out of fashion. I sent a maury (native), as they call themselves, out with my gun today to shoot pigeons, and gave him four charges of powder and shot. About three o'clock in the afternoon he returned with two pigeons and a large parrot, and one barrel charged.… .

“I call my tent ‘Oriental Tent’ because I made it myself in my cabin (ship ‘Oriental’), on my way out. The Council is called together today for the first time. We are to meet at 11 o'clock this morning, 2nd of March. It is now ten o'clock and I have to dress and walk about three miles.”—(“N.Z. Journal,” 12th September, 1840, p. 221.)

* Did not embark.

Early Settlers' Journal, Vol. 2, No. 1, p. 9.