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Early Wellington

Honorary Geographic Advisory Board

Honorary Geographic Advisory Board.

As the result of representations made to the Government since 1915 by public institutions and private persons, an Honorary Geographic Advisory Board, approved by the Hon. the Minister of Lands, was provisionally constituted in 1924.

The Board's functions are to adopt rules for the orthography of geographic names, to examine cases of doubtful geographical spelling and nomenclature, to investigate and decide the priority of the discovery of any geographical feature and recommend the name to be retained, to collect original Maori place-names, to page 486 consider the advisability of substituting British for alien names that have no reference to explorers or distinguished loyal British subjects, and to investigate and decide upon any proposed alteration of a geographical name.

The members of the provisional Board comprise:—The Hon. Sir Frederick R. Chapman, Wellington; the Ven. Archdeacon Williams, Gisborne; the Surveyor-General, Dominion representative of the Royal Geographical Society, London Mr. H. E. Walshe; Messrs. Elsdon Best, Ethnologist and Fellow of the New Zealand Institute; Maurice Crompton-Smith, late Chief Draughtsman, Head Office, Survey Department, and Secretary to the Surveyors' Board; Johannes C. Andersen, Fellow of the New Zealand Institute, Librarian, Turnbull Library, Internal Affairs; and Louis E. Ward, Clerk Draughtsman, Survey Department, Head Office, Wellington, Hon. Scretary.

The first meeting of the provisional Board was held in the office of the Surveyor-General on the 12th September, 1924. There were present: Hon. Sir Frederick Revans Chapman; William Thomson Neill, Surveyor-General; Maurice Crompton Smith, and Johannes Carl Andersen.

Sir Frederick Chapman was appointed chairman.

The transactions of the Board are published in the annual records of the survey of New Zealand, prepared under the direction of the Surveyor-General of New Zealand.