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Early Wellington

Jury List, 14th February, 1844

Jury List, 14th February, 1844.

An alphabetical list of qualified jurors in the Wellington District, prescribed by the Ordinance of Sep. 3, No. 11, passed by the Legislative Council of the Colony of New Zealand, may be seen in the New Zealand “Gazette” and Wellington “Spectator,” 13/1/44.

The following persons comprised the Grand Jury of the 12th April, 1844, Mr. Justice Chapman presiding:—

Wm. Fitzherbert (foreman), R. Baker, D. S. Durie, R. Eager, A. Hort (senr.), Geo. Hunter, John Johnston, H. S. Knowles, Wm. Lyon, N. Levin, A. Ludlam, G. Moore. T. M. Partridge. R. Parke, F. Robinson, S. Revans, J. Rout. W. B. Rhodes, C. Sharp, J. Smith, H. Taylor, R. Waitt, J. Wade. (N.Z. “Gazette,” April, 1844).