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Early Wellington

Magistracy, 1846

Magistracy, 1846.

Matthew Richmond, Supt. Southern Division; Lieut.-Colonel W. A. McCleverty; Major Edward Last, 99th Regmt.; Major Chas. A. Arney, 58th Regmt.; Henry St. Hill, Esq., sheriff; the Hon. H. W. Petre, treasurer; Peter Dods Hogg Esq., sub-collector of customs; Robert Roger Strang Esq., Deputy Registrar Supreme Court; Arthur E. Macdonogh Esq.; David Stark Durie Esq., Inspector of Police; A. Chetham Strode Esq., Sub-Inspector of Police; William Wakefield Esq., principal agent New Zealand Colony; Charles Clifford Esq.; William Mein Smith Esq.; William Swainson Esq., F.R.S.; Edward Daniell Esq.; James Coutts Crawford. Esq.; Alexander McDonald Esq., and Richard Baker Esq.