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Early Wellington

Gifts to the City

Gifts to the City.

  • Drinking Fountain, Oriental Bay, by Mr. John Martin, 1875.

  • Memorial Clock, Basin Reserve (old Pavilion), October 22, 1890, by Mr. Edward Dixon. Removed to New Pavilion, August, 1925.

  • Public Library Books, £1000, by Mr. W. H. Levin, 1899.

  • Public Library Books, £250, by Mr. John Duthie, Mayor of Wellington, 1889.

  • Oil Painting, Surrey Hills (Leader), by Mrs. A. Rhodes, 1900.

  • Queen Victoria Statue, Kent Terrace, £2,000, by Citizens Wellington, 1902.

  • Natural History Specimens, etc. (collection valued at £2,000), by Mr. E. W. Petherick, 1905.

  • Bird Skins (for mounting) value £100, by Alex. Yuill, 1911.

  • Drinking Fountain, Central Park, by Proprietors of “Evening Post,” 1913.

  • Gates, Central Park, by Mr. J. P. Luke (now Sir John), Mayor of Wellington, 1913.

  • Garden Seats (250), by late Mr. J. Newton, 1914.

  • Strip of land at Island Bay for road improvements, by Mr. W. Odlin, 1920.

  • Keith Izard Park (11 acres, 2 roods, 20.4 perches), by Hon. C. H. Izard, 1921.

  • Town Hall Clock, by the late Mr. John Blundell 1922. Erected 1923, started 21st December, 1923.

Fig. 247.—Post Office Fire, 1887. Mr. Halse took this photo immediately after the fire.

Fig. 247.—Post Office Fire, 1887. Mr. Halse took this photo immediately after the fire.

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  • Books to Public Library, New Zealand Books by Mr. T. F. Grey, of Auckland, 1922; New Zealand and Philological Works, by Mr. A. R. Atkinson, 1922; French Literature, by the Government of France, 1923; French Literature, by Mr. R. W. de Montalk, 1923.

  • Garden Seats (78), by The Orphans' Club, 1923.

  • Memorial Park Haywards (138 acres, 17 perches), by Mrs. W. H. H. George, 1924.

  • Reserve Area (3 perches), Disley Street, by R. Tait, Senior, 1923.

  • Collection of Orchids for Botanical Gardens, [gap — reason: illegible] Hon. C. H. Izard.

  • Garden Seats, by Mr. J. Stellin, 1926.

  • Garden Seats, by Mr. Swinson, 1926.

  • Late Hon. C. H. Izard: Gift to the City of Residue of his Estate, “same to be held on trust for such Charitable or Educational purposes or objects to be carried on or effected within the Dominion of New Zealand as the Wellington City Council shall from time to time by resolution direct or appoint.”

  • Equipment for Play Areas: £5,000 for equipping Children's Play Areas. Mr. G. Shirtcliffe.

  • Reserve: 2 ¼ acres of land adjoining the Karori Cemetery. Mrs. J. McKenzie.

  • Reserve: 39 perches of land as public reserve, Totara Road. Miramar North Limited.

Zoological Gifts.

  • Lion (King Dick), by Wirth Bros. Circus, 1906. (The Wellington Zoo was inaugurated by the acceptance of this animal).

  • Timor Deer (2), by Wellington Zoo Committee, 1909.

  • Thar (Himalayan) (6), by His Grace the Duke of Bedford, 1909.

  • White Storks (4), by Postal Officials, Wellington, 1910.

  • Macaws (South American) (6), by Wellington Zoo Committee, 1910.

  • Fallow Deer (2), by Mr. Harper, 1913.

  • Indian Humped Cattle (2), by Wellington Zoological Society, 1915.

  • Red Deer (3), by Otago Acclimatisation Society, 1916.

  • Ostrich, by Wellington Zoological Society, 1916.

  • Sambur Deer (Indian) (2), by New Zealand Tourist Department, 1920.

  • Cassowray (Queensland), and a number of reptiles, by Captain Greenhaigh, 1923.

  • Sea Lions (Auckland Island) (6), by Marine Department, per Captain Bollins, 1909, 1920 and 1923.

  • Tigress (India), by London Zoological Society, 1923.

  • Wombat (Australia), by Mrs. E. Janes, Sydney, 1923.

  • Tasmanian Devil, by Wellington Zoological Society, 1923.

  • Tiger (India), by the Maharajah of Gwalor, per the Wellington Zoological Society.

  • Elephant, Madras Government, 1927.

  • Bison (2), by Canadian Parks Authorities, 1927.

  • Golden Pheasants, by Wellington Zoological Society, 1927.

  • Kiki, by H. R. K. Balneavis, 1927.*

* City Year Book, 1928.