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Early Wellington

The Original One-acre Sections in the Town of Wellington, and their Purchasers

page 191

The Original One-acre Sections in the Town of Wellington, and their Purchasers.

Section No. Name of Street. Original Purchaser.
1. to 16. Aro Street Native Reserve
17. Aro Street Vincent Eyre.
18, 19, 20 Aro Street Native Reserves.
21. Aro Street Edmund Halswell.
22–25 Aro Street Native Reserves.
26–28 Epuni Street Native Reserves.
29. Epuni Street T. F. Everingham.
30. Epuni Street Jos. Lachlan, Junr.
31. Epuni Street Edward Daniell.
32. Epuni Street Richard Johnson.
33. Epuni Street J. H. Luscombe.
34. Epuni Street Geo. Samuel Evans.
35. Epuni Street John Reay.
36. Epuni Street Henry Garrett Key.
37. Wordsworth Street Native Reserve
38. Wordsworth Street Arthur Willis.
39. and 40. Wordsworth street Te Ropiha Moturoa, Native Reserve.
41. to 46. Native Reserves.
47. Wordsworth Street Wm. Barnes Thompson.
48. Wordsworth Street John Pirie.
49. Nairne Street Native Reserve
50. Nairne Street John Ellerton Boulcott.
51. Nairne Street Edward Daniell.
52. Nairne Street Edward Daniell.
53. Nairne Street George Duppa, 1859.
54. Nairne Street George Duppa, 1859.
55. Nairne Street Edward Gibbon Wakefield.
56. Nairne Street Vincent Eyre.
57. Nairne Street Edward Daniell.
58. Nairne Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
59. Nairne Street J. E. Boulcott.
60. Willis Street Jas. Boddington.
61. Webb Street John Elliot.
62. Hankey Street William Reid.
63. Thompson Street Geo. Samuel Evans.
64. Thompson Street Geo. Samuel Evans.
65. Thompson Street George Duppa.
66. Thompson Street James Coverdale.
67. Thompson Street Geo. S. Evans.
68. Thompson Street J. W. Liddiard.
69. Hankey Street John Wimble.
70. Hopper Street Frank Johnston.
71. Hopper Street G. S. Ogilvie.
72. Hopper Street Alex. Johnson.
73. Hopper Street Rev. J. Hawtrey.
74. Hopper Street G. S. Evans.
75. Webb Street Dr. Logan.
76. Hankey Street G. S. Evans.
77. Hopper Street Miss R. Johnson.
78. Hopper Street Dudley Sinclair.
79. Hopper Street J. H. Luscombe.
80. Hopper Street G. S. Evans.
81. Hopper Street Vincent Eyre.
82. Taranaki Street J. Ellerton Boulcott.
83. Taranaki Street Nathanial Clark.page 192
84. Taranaki Street Geo. Lumsden
85. Taranaki Street William Lumsden.
86. Taranaki Street Thos. McDonnell.
87. Taranaki Street William Swainson.
88. Taranaki Street David Ramsay.
89. Taranaki Street Native Reserve.
90. Taranaki Street Native Reserve.
91. Willis Street W. H. Burnand.
92. Willis Street Harry Hughlings.
93. Webb Street John Luscombe.
94. Abel Smith Street Edward Daniell.
95. Webb Street Robert Few.
96. Abel Smith Street John Wright.
97. Webb Street John Wright.
98. Abel Smith Street John Ward.
99. Webb Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
100. Abel Smith Street Thos. Uppadine Cook.
101. Webb Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
102. Abel Smith Street Frank Johnson.
103. Webb Street Jonas Smith Wells.
104. Abel Smith Street John Rawson.
105. Webb Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
106. Abel Smith Street Thos. Varley.
107. Webb Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
108. Abel Smith Street Dudley Sinclair.
109. Abel Smith Street Native Reserve.
110. Ingestre Street John Watson.
111. Abel Smith Street Native Reserve.
112. Ingestre Street John Watson.
113. Abel Smith Street Native Reserve.
114. Ingestre Street J. E. Boulcott.
115. Abel Smith Street Edward N. Alexander.
116. Ingestre Street Cornelius Haynes Butler.
117. Abel Smith Street Rev. C. W. Saxton.
118. Ingestre Street Samuel Cobham.
119. Abel Smith Street David Ramsay.
120. Ingestre Street Michael Seamour.
121. Abel Smith Street Thos Perkins.
122. Ingestre Street George Cox.
123. Abel Smith Street Robert Henry Wood.
124. Ingestre Street Fred Boucher.
125. Abel Smith Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
126. Ingestre Street Wm. H. Rawson.
127. Abel Smith Street Saml. Thwaite.
128. Ingestre Street Dudley Sinclair.
129. Abel Smith Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
130. Ingestre Street J. E. Boulcott.
131. Abel Smith Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
132. Ingestre Street Samuel Page.
133. Abel Smith Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
134. Ingestre Street Henry Moreing.
135. Ingestre Street J. P. Hawtrey.
136. Ghuznee Street Samuel Revans.
137. Ingestre Street J. E. Boulcott.
138. Ghuznee Street John Wright.
139. Ingestre Street Laurence Hill.
140. Ghuznee Street Edward Daniell.
141. Ingestre Street Daniel Riddiford.
142. Ghuznee Street Edward Daniell.
143. Ingestre Street Clement Tabor.
144. Ghuznee Street Frederick Boucher.
145. Ingestre Street Solomon Jacob Waley.
146. Ghuznee Street Rev. Rochfort Grange.
147. Ingestre Street Frederick Boucher.page 193
148. Ghuznee Street Michael Ellison.
149. Ingestre Street Thomas Alers Hankey.
150. Ghuznee Street J. Temple Leader.
151. Ingestre Street J. H. Luscombe.
152. Ghuznee Street Alexander Anderson.
153. Ingestre Street Arthur Willis.
154. Ghuznee Street F. Alexander Molesworth.
155. Ingestre Street William Girton.
156. Ghuznee Street J. Smith Wells, Junr.
157. Ingestre Street Frederick Boucher.
158. Ghuznee Street James Waddell.
159. Ingestre Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
160. Ghuznee Street Robert Wainhouse.
161. Ghuznee Street John Reay.
162. Dixon Street H. F. Young.
163. Ghuznee Street James Yonge.
164. Dixon Street Hon. H. Petre.
165. Ghuznee Street J. Temple Leader.
166. Dixon Street John Wright.
167. Ghuznee Street James Semple.
168. Dixon Street James Bowman.
169. Ghuznee Street Alfred Ludlam.
170. Dixon Street J. Wright Child.
171. Ghuznee Street Alfred Ludlam.
172. Dixon Street Robert Few.
173. Ghuznee Street Chris Rawson.
174. Dixon Street Robert Few.
175. Ghuznee Street T. F. Everingham.
176. Dixon Street W. J. Wright.
177. Ghuznee Street Hon. Francis Baring.
178. Dixon Street William Gorton.
179. Ghuznee Street Andrew Reid.
180. Taranaki Street John Yule.
181. Ghuznee Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
182. Taranaki Place G. Greenwood and J. Jackson.
183. Ghuznee Street J. Palfrey.
184. Taranaki Place Geo. Leach.
185. Taranaki Street G. L. Lescher.
186. Taranaki Street S. Jacob Waley.
187. Wellington Terrace Jos. Minet.
188. Dixon Street George Duppa.
189. Dixon Street George Hunter.
190. Dixon Street Robert Hart Pike.
191. Wellington Terrace James Waddell.
192. Wellington Terrace Michael Ellison.
193. Wellington Terrace T. Allers Hankey.
194. Wellington Terrace Hon. F. J. Tollemache.
195. Wellington Terrace Samuel Thwaite.
196. Willis Street James Stanfield.
197. Willis Street G. Greenwood and J. J.
198. Willis Street Hon. F. J. Tollemache.
199. Willis Street Hon. F. J. Crowther.
200. Willis Street R. Wainhouse.
201. Dixon Street Edward Betts Hopper.
202. Manners Street J. Symond and J. Gibson.
203. Dixon Street Henry Cook.
204. Dixon Street James Reid.
205. Willis Street John Heath.
206. Manners Street John Heath.
207. Manners Street T. M. Partridge.
208. Manners Street Edward Daniell.
209. Manners Street F. A. Molesworth.
210. Manners Street Fred Hart.
211. Manners Street James Brodie Gordon.page 194
212. Manners Street John Constable.
213. Manners Street Daniel Riddiford.
214. Manners Street Thomas Eyre.
215. Manners Street Duncan Dunbar.
216. Courtenay Place Col. Robt. Torrens.
217. Courtenay Place Edwin Halswell.
218. Courtenay Place William Davis.
219. Courtenay Place F. A. Molesworth.
220. Courtenay Place Samuel Thwaite.
221. Courtenay Place Arthur Willis.
222. Courtenay Place J. Smith Willis. Junr.
223. Courtenay Place Sam. Levy Benseman.
224. Courtenay Place Jas. Waddell.
225. Courtenay Place H. Hughlings.
226. Buckle Street Wm. Swainson.
227. Taranaki Street Edward Daniell.
228. Taranaki Street J. Wickham Flower.
229. Taranaki Street Robert Wainhouse.
230. Taranaki Street Thomas Russell.
231. Taranaki Street J. William Liddiard.
232. Taranaki Street James Clarkson.
233. Buckle Street James Waddell.
234. Tory Street W. H. Rawson.
235. Tory Street W. H. Rawson.
236. Tory Street W. H. Burnand.
237. Tory Street William Maxwell.
238. Tory Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
239. Tory Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
240. Taranaki Street E. G. Wakefield.
241. Taranaki Street Vincent Eyre.
242. Taranaki Street Edward Halswell.
243. Taranaki Street Edward Daniell.
244. Taranaki Street Hon. Francis Baring.
245. Taranaki Street G. J. Graham.
246. Taranaki Street Thomas Lewis.
247. Taranaki Street James Waddell.
248. Tory Street Samuel Farrar.
249. Tory Street Samuel Kidd.
250. Tory Street Hon. F. J. Tollemache.
251. Tory Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
252. Tory Street Edwin Halswell.
253. Tory Street Daniel Riddiford.
254. Tory Street George S. Evans.
255. Courtenay Place George S. Evans.
256. Tory Street G. F. Young.
257. Tory Street G. S. Evans.
258. Tory Street Francis Alvern.
259. Tory Street Hon. C. C. Tollemache.
260. Tory Street Christopher Rawson.
261. Tory Street Miss Elizabeth Patchett.
262. Tory Street Miss Esther Torrens.
263. Cambridge Terrace T. F. Everingham.
264. Cambridge Terrace James Lumsden, Junr.
265. Cambridge Terrace Samuel Thwaites.
266. Cambridge Terrace Rev. J. P. Hawtrey.
267. Cambridge Terrace Robert Wainhouse.
268. Cambridge Terrace Abraham Hort.
269. Cambridge Terrace J. Wickham Flower.
270 to 272. Tory Street Native Reserves.
273. Tory Street John Gomme.
274. Tory Street T. W. Scott.
275. Tory Street Sir William Molesworth, Bart.
276. Tory Street Sir William Molesworth, Bart.
277. Tory Street Abraham Offin.page 195
278 and 279. Cambridge Terrace Native Reserve.
280. Cambridge Terrace G. T. Palmer, Junr.
281. Cambridge Terrace H. de Castro.
282. Cambridge Terrace Chas. J. Heath.
283. Cambridge Terrace J. T. Leader.
284. Cambridge Terrace J. T. Leader.
285. Cambridge Terrace Christopher Rawson.
286. Kent Terrace T. Allers Hankey.
287. Kent Terrace J. W. Flower.
288. Kent Terrace Joseph Lewthwaite.
289. Kent Terrace Edmund Halswell.
290. Kent Terrace James Waddell.
291. Kent Terrace George S. Evans.
292. Kent Terrace George S. Evans.
293. Ellice Street Thomas Holmes.
294. Brougham Street George S. Evans.
295. Brougham Street J. H. Luscombe.
296. Brougham Street Geo. Boucher.
297. Brougham Street Hon. F. J. Tollemache
298. Brougham Street H. A. Aglionby.
299. Brougham Street Hon A. G. Tollemache.
300. Kent Terrace A. Joseph.
301. Kent Terrace Samuel Swindell.
302. Kent Terrace T. F. Everingham.
303. Kent Terrace Christopher Rawson.
304. Kent Terrace J. W. Liddiard.
305. Kent Terrace Edmund Halswell
306. Kent Terrace Charles Ibbotson.
307. Kent Terrace James Waddell.
308. Kent Terrace John Constable.
309. Brougham Street Frederick Boucher.
310. Brougham Street Thomas Russell.
311. Brougham Street Joseph Samuel Wells.
312. Brougham Street Hon. L. M. Tollemache.
313. Brougham Street William Swainson.
314. Brougham Street Dudley Sinclair.
315. Brougham Street Robert Wainhouse.
316. Brougham Street Richard David Hanson.
317. Brougham Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
318. Brougham Street James Wall.
319. Brougham Street Edward Gibbon Wakefield.
320. Brougham Street G. S. Evans.
321. Brougham Street G. S. Evans.
322. Brougham Street T. F. Everingham.
323. Brougham Street Alexander Johnston.
324. Brougham Street James B. Gordon.
325. Austin Street William Barr.
326. Austin Street Arthur Ormsby.
327. Austin Street George Samuel Evans.
328. Austin Street George Samuel Evans.
329. Austin Street Alexander Johnston.
330. Austin Street Robert Wallace.
331. Austin Street Frederick Hart.
332. Brougham Street T. J. Knight.
333. Brougham Street H. Hughlings.
334. Brougham Street William Gorton.
335. Brougham Street G. S. Evans.
336. Brougham Street G. S. Evans.
337. Brougham Street Robert Wainhouse.
338. Brougham Street John Ward.
339. Brougham Street Robert H. Wood.
340. Brougham Street James Waddell.
341. Austin Street R. Augustus Eaton.
342. Austin Street J. W. Lonsdale.page 196
343. Austin Street G. Stansfield.
344. Austin Street G. S. Evans.
345. Austin Street G. S. Evans.
346. Austin Street G. Stansfield.
347. Austin Street Robert Wainhouse.
348. Austin Street Charles Few.
349. Austin Street Robert Few.
350. Austin Street Alexander Johnston.
351 to 355. Austin Street G. S. Evans.
356. Austin Street Frederick Boucher.
357. Austin Street Hon. F. J. Tollemache.
358. Austin Street Hon. F. J. Tollemache.
359. Austin Street George Stansfield.
360 to 362. Austin Street G. S. Evans.
363. Austin Street Michael Scagmour.
364. Austin Street Robert Wainhouse.
365. Austin Street David Ramsay.
366. Kent Terrace Frederick Boucher.
367. Clyde Quay Thomas Burrows.
368. Clyde Quay Robert Few.
369. Clyde Quay Christopher Rawson.
370. Clyde Quay J. E. Boulcott.
371. Clyde Quay Adam Reid.
372. McFarlane Street John Monteith.
373. Clyde Quay Dudley Sinclair.
374. Majoribanks Street Charles Few.
375. Roxburgh Street H. Young.
376. Roxburgh Street Joseph Tomes.
377. Roxburgh Street Joseph Phipson.
378. Roxburgh Street George Palmer, Junr.
379. Hawker Street A. G. Tollemache.
380. Hawker Street John Ward.
381. Hawker Street Abraham Offin.
382. Roxburgh Street Clement Tabor.
383. Roxburgh Street J. Luscombe.
384. Hawker Street John Fleming.
385. Hawker Street Duncan Grant.
386. Hawker Street William Emerey.
387. Hawker Street William Thompson.
388. Hawker Street William Thompson.
389. Oriental Terrace George Duppa.
390. Oriental Terrace Henry Cole.
391. Oriental Terrace J. H. St. Hill.
392. Hawker Street Daniel Riddiford.
393. Majoribanks Street Henry Young.
394. Majoribanks Street G. S. Evans.
395. Majoribanks Street G. S. Evans.
396. Majoribanks Street Andrew Tennent.
397. Majoribanks Street G. S. Evans.
398. Hawker Street J. Ward.
399. Hawker Street William Crawford.
400. Hawker Street James Forbes.
401. Hawker Street John Ward.
402. Hawker Street Charles B. Todman.
403. Hawker Street Henry Maxwell.
404. Hawker Street John Heath.
405. Hawker Street Arthur Willis.
406. Oriental Terrace Joseph Minet.
407. Oriental Terrace Henry A. Aglionby.
408. Oriental Terrace H. Hughlings.
409. Oriental Terrace G. F. Young.
410. Oriental Terrace George Duppa.
411. Oriental Terrace G. S. Evans.
412. Oriental Terrace John Wright.page 197
413. Oriental Terrace Edward Jerningham.
414. Hay Street Hon. F. Baring.
415. Hay Street Joseph Stayner.
416 to 418. Hay Street John Wright.
419. Hay Street Joseph Stayner.
420. Oriental Terrace John Wright.
421. Oriental Quay John Wright.
422. Oriental Quay Hon. Francis Baring.
423. Oriental Quay John Stancliffe.
424. Oriental Quay Josiah Blakey.
425. Oriental Quay John Caw.
426. Oriental Quay George Duppa.
427. Oriental Terrace Charles Buller.
428. Oriental Quay G. S. Evans.
429. Oriental Quay David Ramsay.
430. Oriental Quay Admiral Edward Hawker.
431. Woolcombe Street G. S. Evans.
432. Woolcombe Street Hon. F. J. Tollemache.
433. Woolcombe Street Bertie C. Cator.
434. Woolcombe Street Hon. L. Maria Tollemache.
435. Woolcombe Street Thos. Burrows.
436. Woolcombe Street G. S. Evans.
437. Woolcombe Street T. F. Everingham.
438. Woolcombe Street William Dorset.
439. Woolcombe Street Daniel Riddiford.
440. Woolcombe Street Robert Roger Strang.
441. Woolcombe Street R. Stokes.
442. Woolcombe Street David Ramsay.
443. Woolcombe Street Vincent Eyre.
444. Woolcombe Street F. Boucher.
445. Woolcombe Street V. Eyre.
446. Woolcombe Street V. Eyre.
447. Mount Street Kenneth Bethune.
448. Wellington Terrace William Swainson.
449. Wellington Terrace Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
450. Wellington Terrace Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
451. Wellington Terrace John Pirie.
452. Wellington Terrace Thomas MacDonnell.
453. Wellington Terrace Archibald Miller.
454. Wellington Terrace Archibald Miller.
455. Wellington Terrace Joseph Minet.
456. Wellington Terrace Sir Robert Harland.
457. Wellington Terrace Thomas Bridge.
458. Wellington Terrace Joseph Somes.
459. Wellington Terrace Edward Catchpool.
460. Wellington Terrace Rev. J. Mervin Prowess.
461. Wellington Terrace Hon. H. Petre.
462. Wellington Terrace J. Deighton.
463. Wellington Terrace J. Symonds & J. Gibson.
464. Wellington Terrace Henry Boyton.
465. Wellington Terrace J. Deighton.
466. Wellington Terrace Ed. Gibbon Wakefield.
467. Wellington Terrace Thos. J. Drake.
468. Wellington Terrace Rev. Thos. Heptenstall.
469. Wellington Terrace J. H. Luscombe.
470. Wellington Terrace Joseph Lewthwaite.
471. Wellington Terrace Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
472. Wellington Terrace John Enoch.
473. Wellington Terrace Francis Wilson.
474. Wellington Terrace Edward Daniell.
475. Wellington Terrace George Palmer. Junr.
476. Wellington Terrace Henry Moreing.
477. Wellington Terrace Thos. McDonnell.
478. Wellington Terrace W. Bushell.page 198
479. Wellington Terrace W. B. Burgess.
480. Wellington Terrace Dudley Sinclair.
481. Wellington Terrace Fredk Hart.
482. Wellington Terrace Fred Boucher.
483. Wellington Terrace John Reay.
484. Wellington Terrace William Todd.
485. Wellington Terrace Christopher Rawson.
486. Wellington Terrace G. S. Evans.
487. Wellington Terrace Native Reserve.
488. Wellington Terrace Dudley Sinclair.
489. Wellington Terrace A. W. Shand.
490. Wellington Terrace E. G. Wakefield.
491. Kumutoto Street Chris. Rawson.
492. Bolton Street Edward Halswell.
493. Bolton Street Thos. Varley.
494. Bolton Street E. Halswell.
495. Bolton Street Miss Jane Beauchamp.
496. Bolton Street G. F. Young.
497. Bolton Street Miss Jane Beauchamp.
498. Bolton Street Thos. Holland.
499. Bolton Street Miss J. Beauchamp.
500. Bolton Street Robert Few.
501. Bolton Street Wim. Morford.
502. Sydney Street David Ramsay.
503. Sydney Street Captain Joseph Thong.
504. Sydney Street Captain Ed. Daniell.
505. Sydney Street Captain Ed. Daniell.
506. Manners Street John Wingfield.
507. Lambton Quay Richard Johnson.
508. Lambton Quay Fred Boucher.
509. Lambton Quay James & Ed. Aked.
510. Lambton Quay J. H. Luscombe.
511. Lambton Quay David Stark Durie.
512. Lambton Quay Luke Nattrass.
513. Lambton Quay Edmond Jerningham.
514. Lambton Quay Native Reserve.
515. Lambton Quay Dr. Sinclair.
516. Tinakore Road and Glenbervie Terrace J. Lumsden.
517. Tinakore Road Thomas Nicholas.
518. Glenbervie Terrace David Ramsay.
519. Tinakore Road John Ward.
520. Glenbervie Terrace James Parker.
521. Tinakore Road G. S. Evans.
522. Hill Street Clement Tabor.
523. Hill Street J. Elliott.
524. Hill Street Henrietta Rintoul
525. Hill Street J. Heath.
526. Hill Street Dr. Thomas Arnold.
527. Hill Street Dr. Thomas Arnold.
528. Hill Street S. Farrar.
529. Hill Street H. J. Aglionby.
530. Molesworth Street H. Moreing.
531. Molesworth Street John Ward.
532. Molesworth Street Edward Daniell.
533. Molesworth Street J. Wickham Flower.
534. Molesworth Street J. Levy Bensusan.
535. Molesworth Street S. Revans.
536. Molesworth Street Sir William Molesworth.
537. Mulgrave Street Alfred Hornbrock.
538. Mulgrave Street R. H. Wood.
539. Mulgrave Street Native Reserve.
540. Lambton Quay J. H. Luscombe.
541. Lambton Quay J. Wickham Flower.
542 and 543. Pipitea Street Native Reserves.page 199
544. Lambton (Thorndon) Henry Moreing.
545. Lambton Quay (two triangular pieces) Native Reserves.
546. Hill Street James Smith.
547. Hill Street Geo. Saml. Evans.
548. Hill Street Ed. Daniell.
549. Tinakore Road Vincent Eyre.
550. Hill Street His Grace the Duke of Sutherland.
551. Hawkestone Street Frank Alexander Molesworth.
552. Hill Street Edmund Halswell.
553. Hawkestone Street J. Dorset.
554. Hill Street Geo. Dalrymple Monteith.
555. Hawkestone Street Right Hon. Lord Petre.
556. Hill Street Henry Moreing.
557. Hawkestone Street Hon. H. Petre.
558. Hill Street Geo. S. Evans.
559. Hawkestone Street S. Appleyard Sutcliffe.
560. Hill Street G. S. Evans.
561. Hawkestone Street H. Hughlings.
562. Hill Street G. S. Evans.
563. Hawkestone street J. T. Leader.
564. Hill Street Sir Wm. Molesworth.
565. Hawkestone Street John Reay.
566. Hawkestone Street J. H. St. Hill.
567. Tinakore Road Wm. Swainson.
568. Tinakore Road J. H. Luscombe.
569. Tinakore Road R. Wainhouse.
570. Tinakore Road Stephen Crawford.
571. Tinakore Road C. Rawson.
572. Tinakore Road E. G. Wakefield.
573. Tinakore Road Chas. Derick Wittenoon.
574. Tinakore Road Native Reserve.
575. Hawkestone Street T. Wilson.
576. Hawkestone Street Miss Mary Molesworth.
577. Hawkestone Street T. F. Everingham.
578. Molesworth Street S. Thwaite.
579. Molesworth Street Sir Wm. Molesworth.
580. Murphy Street Native Reserve.
581. Murphy Street Geo. Duppa.
582. Murphy Street F. A. Molesworth.
583. Murphy Street C. D. Whittenoon.
584. Murphy Street Native Reserve.
585. Murphy Street Samuel Revans.
586. Murphy Street R. D. Hanson.
587. Murphy Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
588. Murphy Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
589 and 590. Murphy Street E. Halswell.
591 and 592. Murphy Street Native Reserves.
593 and 504. Hobson Street Native Reserves.
595. Hobson Street S. Revans.
596. Hobson Street John Ward.
597. Hobson Street William Davis.
598. Hobson Street G. F. Young.
599. Hobson Street Sir Boucher P. Wray. Barat.
600. Hobson Street Sir William Molesworth. Bart.
601 to 603. Hobson Street Native Reserves.
605 to 607. Tinakore Road Native Reserves.
608. Tinakore Road Native Reserves.
609. Thorndon Quay J. E. Boulcott.
610. Thorndon Quay Edmund Halswell.
611. Thorndon Quay R. B. Todman.
612. Thorndon Quay R. H. Hankey.
613. Thorndon Quay W. H. Swift
614. Thorndon Quay R. Wainhouse.
615. Thorndon Quay E. G. Wakefield.page 200
616. Thorndon Quay F. W. Jerningham.
617. Thorndon Quay G. Burnaud.
618. Thorndon Quay J. Pullen.
619. Thorndon Quay W. H. Rawson.
620. Thorndon Quay Hon. A. G. Tollemache
621. Tinakore Road Win. Thom.
622. Tinakore Road J. E. Boulcott.
623. Tinakore Road J. E. Boulcott.
624. Tinakore Road John Reay.
625. Tinakore Road J. Saunders & J. P. G. Dallas.
626. Tinakore Road B. Thompson.
627. Tinakore Road John Dorset.
628. Tinakore Road G Beaumont.
629. Tinakore Road G. T. Pollard.
630. Tinakore Road Thos. Tate.
631. Tinakore Road Geo. Hunter.
632. Tinakore Road Michael Seymour.
633 to 637. Tinakore Road Native Reserve.
638. Tinakore Road James Parker.
639. Tinakore Road C. D. Wittenoon.
640. Tinakore Road James Forbes.
641. Tinakore Road H. Aglionby Aglionby.
642. Tinakore Road Christopher Maxwell.
643. Tinakore Road J. Dorset.
644. Tinakore Road Wm. Mein Smith.
645. Tinakore Road J. E. Boulcott.
646. Tinakore Road Saml. Revans.
647. Tinakore Road J. T. Leader.
648. Tinakore Road Edmund Halswell.
649. Tinakore Road J. Dorset.
650. Tinakore Road H. Moreing.
651. Tinakore Road Sir Wm. Molesworth.
652. Tinakore Road Lord Petre.
653. Tinakore Road Jos. Barron Montefiore.
654. Tinakore Road F. A. Molesworth.
655. Tinakore Road Ed. Betts Hopper.
656. Tinakore Road Vincent Eyre.
657. Tinakore Road G. Thos. Palmer, Junr.
658. Tinakore Road Alfred Hodges.
659 and 660. Tinakore Road Native Reserves.
661. Tinakore Road Danl. Riddiford.
662. Tinakore Road G. L. S. Lachlan.
663. Tinakore Road Norman McLeod.
664. Buckle Street G. & W. Scholey.
665. Sussex Square Miss M. Molesworth.
666. Sussex Square F. A. Molesworth.
667. Sussex Square Lady Mary Molesworth.
668. Sussex Square E. N. Alexander.
669. Sussex Square Ed. Daniell.
670. Sussex Square Geo. Robins.
671. Sussex Square Fredk. Hart.
672. Brougham Street John Wright.
673. Brougham Street Fredk. Boucher.
674. Austin Street Ed. Daniell.
675. Austin Street Henry Suter.
676. Sussex Square D. Sinclair.
677. Sussex Square D. Sinclair.
678. Sussex Square T. J. Drake.
679. Hankey Street Arthur Willis.
680. Bidwell Street Bertie Cornelius Cator.
681. Bidwell Street Bertie Cornelius Cator.
682. Bidwell Street Hon. A. G. Tollenmache.
683. Bidwell Street G. F. Young.
684. Bidwell Street J. Reay.page 201
685. St. Hill Street Laurence Bramley.
686. St. Hill Street H. Shafto Harrison.
687. St. Hill Street Thos. Bannister.
688. St. Hill Street T. Elizabeth Lees.
689. St. Hill Street Hughlings.
690. St. Hill Street W. Deans.
691. St. Hill Street Wm. Deans.
692. St. Hill Street Wm. Glygg Gover.
693. St. Hill Street J. Blakey.
694. St. Hill Street John Wreyford.
695. St. Hill Street D. Johnston.
696. St. Hill Street Frank Otterson.
697. Wright Street James White.
698. Wright Street Clement Tabor.
699. Wright Street Clement Tabor.
700. Wright Street Rev. Stephen Hawtrey.
701. Wright Street Rev. Rochfort Grange.
702. Wright Street Wm. Henry Rawson.
703. Wright Street Fredk. Hart.
704. Wright Street Randall E. Burroughs.
705. Wright Street Henry Boyton.
706. Wright Street J. H. Luscombe.
707. Wright Street Vincent Eyre.
708. Wright Street T. F. Everingham.
709. Wright Street Archibald Tod.
710. Wallace Street Henry Moreing.
711. Wallace Street Ed. Halswell.
712. Wallace Street J. H. St. Hill.
713. Wallace Street J. W. Liddiard.
714. Wallace Street J. Batt.
715. Tasman Street Wm Watson of Manchester.
716. Tasman Street Clement Tabor.
717. Tasman Street T. F. Wilson.
718. Tasman Street E. G. Wakefield.
719. Tasman Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
720. Tasman Street John Pirie.
721. Tasman Street Samuel Surndell.
722. Crawford Street J. J. Frost.
723. Crawford Street T. Hodgson.
724. Crawford Street J. Pirie.
725. Crawford Street Ed. Halswell.
726. Crawford Street J. Nattrass.
727. Tasman Street T. T. Leader.
728. Adelaide Road J. Hayward, Junr.
729. Tasman Street J. Heath.
730. Adelaide Road J. Heath.
731. Tasman Street J. Heath.
732. Adelaide Road Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
733. Tasman Street J. Heath.
734. Adelaide Road Hon. F. J. Tollemache.
735. Tasman Street J. Wm. Liddiard.
736. Adelaide Road F. Boucher
737. Tasman Street W. Swainson.
738. Adelaide Noad G. S. Evans.
739. Drummond Street T. F. Everingham
740. Adelaide Road Chris. Rawson.
741. Adelaide Road J. Ivatt Briscoe.
742. Adelaide Road Jacob Montifiore.
743. Adelaide Road Aaron Joseph.
744. Adelaide Road Geo. Boucher.
745. Adelaide Road Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
746. Adelaide Road J. Waddell.
747. Adelaide Road J. Lumsden. Junr.
748. Austin Street Ed. Daniell.page 202
749. Austin Street Thos. Robertson.
750. Crawford Street F. A. Molesworth.
751. Crawford Street F. Boucher.
752. Adelaide Road F. A. Molesworth
753. Adelaide Road R. Bennett.
754. Adelaide Road Edmund Collier.
755. Adelaide Road F. Boucher.
756. Adelaide Road T. Lunne Murray.
757. Adelaide Road Geo. Boucher.
758. Adelaide Road John Reay.
759. Revans Street Wm. Gilmour.
760. Revans Street T. F. Knight.
761. Revans Street G. F. Young.
762. Revans Street F. W. Boucher.
763. Revans Street Hon. Laina M. Tollemache.
764 and 765. Revans Street F. Boucher.
766. Revans Street F. J. Tollemache.
767. Revans Street T. Me Donnell.
768. Mein Street G. F. Young.
769. Mein Street Geo. Boucher.
770. Mein Street Wm. Gorton.
771. Mein Street G. F. Young.
772. Mein Street Thos. Dyke.
773. Mein Street J. Montifiore.
774. Coromandel Street J. Wingfield.
775. Coromandel Street Wm. Dorset.
776. Daniell Street J. Nicol.
777. Riddiford Street G. S. Evans.
778. Daniell Street H. Moreing.
779. Riddiford Street G. S. Evans.
780. Daniell Street W. G. Gover.
781. Riddiford Street G. S. Evans.
782. Daniell Street W H. Swift.
783. Riddiford Street E. Halswell.
784. Daniell Street Miss J. Beauchamp.
785. Riddiford Street Henry Moreing.
786. Daniell Street Hon. F. J. Tollemache.
787. Constable Street H. Moreing.
788. Constable Street G. Hunter.
789. Daniell Street Miss Jane Beauchamp.
790. Owen Street Right Hon. Henry Dunlop.
791. Daniell Street Miss J. Beauchamp.
792. Owen Street G. Robins.
793. Daniell Street Dudley Sinclair.
794. Owen Street Lady Harland.
795. Daniell Street Sir Robert Harland.
796. Owen Street Hon Francis Baring.
797. Daniell Street S. Revans.
798. Owen Street Ed. Betts Hopper.
799. Constable Street S. Revans.
800. Constable Street Robt. Bradshaw Todman.
801. Mein Street Hon. F. J. Tollemache.
802. Mein Street Wm. Swainson.
803. Owen Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
804. Coromandel Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
805. Owen Street Wm. Crawford.
806. Coromandel Street J. Wright.
807. Owen Street T. Alers Hankey.
808. Coromandel Street C. Jas Heath.
809. Owen Street Ed. Betts Hopper.
810. Coromandel Street Ed. Betts Hopper.
811. Owen Street Robert Rule.
812. Coromandel Street J. Reay.page 203
813. Coromandel Street R. Hughes, of Stourbridge, Worcester.
814. Coromandel Street F. Wm. Jerningham.
815 and 816. Coromandel Street J. Wright.
817. Coromandel Street M. White of Chelsea.
818. Coromandel Street Clement Tabor.
819. Riddiford Street J. B. Gordon.
820. Constable Street Jonas Tillotson Patchett.
821. Riddiford Street H. Hughlings.
822. Daniell Street David Ramsay.
823. Riddiford Street S. Thwaite.
824. Daniell Street S. Thwaite.
825 and 826. Riddiford Street S. Thwaite.
827. Riddiford Street R. D. Hanson.
828. Riddiford Street Thomas Francis Wilson.
829. Riddiford Street J. Lumsden.
830. Daniell Street W. H. Rawson.
831. Riddiford Street C. Rawson.
832. Daniell Street Jas. Clarkson.
833. Rhodes Street S. Thwaite.
834. Rhodes Street J. J. Taine.
835. Constable Street W. H. Rawson.
836. Constable Street C. Rawson.
837 and 838. Daniell Street S. Thwaite.
839. Daniell Street Josiah Blakey.
840. Owen Street W. H. Rawson.
841. Daniell Street S. Swindell.
842. Owen Street J. B. Gordon.
843. Daniell Street C. Rawson.
844. Owen Street S. Holmes of Leeds.
845. Daniell Street J. B. Gordon.
846. Owen Street Ed. Little.
847. Daniell Street J. B. Gordon.
848. Owen Street C. Rawson.
849. Daniell Street J. Gonside.
450. Owen Street S. Thwaite.
851. Owen Street Wm. Adye.
852. Constable Street J. W. Flower.
853. Owen Street Miss J. Beauchamp.
854. Coromandel Street Miss J. Beauchamp.
855. Owen Street F. Johnson.
856. Coromandel Street Thos. Cook.
857. Owen Street J. B. Gordon.
858. Coromandel Street C. Rawson.
859. Owen Street J. B. Gordon.
860. Coromandel Street S. Thwaites.
861. Owen Street W. H. Rawson.
862. Coromandel Street G. Robins.
863. Owen Street Duncan Grant.
864. Coromandel Street Native Reserve.
865. Owen Street Samuel Swindell.
866. Coromandel Street G. Palmer, Junr.
867. Coromandel Street G. S. Evans.
868. Lawrence Street S. Swindell.
869. Coromandel Street Thos. Holland.
870. Coromandel Street Robert Few.
871. Coromandel Street F. Boucher.
872. Coromandel Street G. S. Evans.
873. Coromandel Street G. S. Evans.
874. Coromandel Street Wm. Thompson.
875. Mansfield Street W. Gorton.
876. Daniell Street W. B. Gordon.
877. Mansfield Street G. Laurie Finlay.
878. Daniell Street T. Varley.page 204
879. Mansfield Street Ed. Jerningham.
880. Daniell Street F. A. Molesworth.
881. Mansfield Street W. Swainson.
882. Daniell Street J. Pirie.
883. Mansfield Street H. Blakey.
884. Daniell Street Archie Miller.
885. Mansfield Street J. E. Boulcott.
886. Daniell Street R. Few.
887. Mansfield Street R. E. Burroughs.
888. Daniell Street Vincent Eyre.
889. Mansfield Street J. Reay.
890. Daniell Street Rev. Chas. W. Saxton.
891. Daniell Street J. Biles.
892. Owen Street J. B. Gordon.
893. Daniell Street Native Reserve.
894. Owen Street H. Aglionby Aglionby.
895. Daniell Street Samuel D. Parnell.
896. Owen Street Saml. Revans.
897. Daniell Street Edmund Halswell.
898. Owen Street Miss Jane Beauchamp.
899. Daniell Street E. Daniell.
900. Owen Street Miss J. Beauchamp.
901. Owen Street Thos. Turner.
902. Owen Street E. Johnson.
903. Owen Street Wm. Swainson.
904. Adelaide Road James White.
905. Hanson Street G. F. Young.
906. Adelaide Road E. Halswell.
907. Hanson Street D. Ramsay.
908. Adelaide Road T. R. Farrar.
909. Adelaide Road Wm. Palfrey.
910. Adelaide Road Hon. F. J. Tollemache.
911. Hanson Street Henry Gill.
912. Adelaide Road Ed. Daniell.
913. Hanson Street Frank Hight.
914. Adelaide Road E. Halswell.
915. Hanson Street J. Pearce.
916. Adelaide Road F. A. Molesworth.
917. Adelaide Road J. E. Boulcott.
918. Adelaide Road G. S. Evans.
919. Adelaide Road Jas. Yonge.
920. Adelaide Road W. G. Gover.
921. Adelaide Road W. Thompson.
922. Revans Street E. G. Wakefield.
823. Hanson Street J. Waddell.
924. Hanson Street T. F. Everingham.
925. Hanson Street G. Cole.
926. Hanson Street H. Shafto Harrison.
927. Hanson Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
928. Hanson Street G. Robins.
929. Hanson Street Alex Johnston.
930. Hanson Street H. Moreing.
931. Hanson Street H. Moreing.
932. Hanson Street Frances Bradey.
933. Hanson Street G. White.
934. Hanson Street J. Boddington & Wm. Ive.
935. Hanson Street F. Boucher.
936. Hanson Street C. Rawson.
937. Hanson Street W. H. Rawson.
938. Hanson Street Thos. Hodgson.
939. Hunter Street J. H. St. Hill.
940. Hunter Street J. W. Flower.
941. Adelaide Road L. Eyre.
942. Riddiford Street Hon A. G. Tollemache.page 205
943. Adelaide Road Ed. Halswell.
944. Rintoul Street T. McDonnell.
945. Adelaide Road V. Eyre.
946. Rintoul Street Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
947. Adelaide Road L. May Molesworth.
948. Rintoul Street J. S. Leader.
949. Adelaide Road G. Leach.
950. Rintoul Street Sir Wm. Molesworth.
951. Adelaide Road G. Leach.
952. Rintoul Street T. J. Knight.
953. Adelaide Road D. Sinclair.
955. Adelaide Road Miss J. Beauchamp.
956. Rintoul Street Ebenezer Hay.
957. Riddiford Street Clement Tabor.
958. Riddiford Street T. J. Knight.
959. Riddiford Street T. J. Knight.
960 and 961. Rintoul Street Miss M. & Lady Mary Molesworth.
962. Rintoul Street Thos. Dyke.
963. Riddiford Street J. H. St. Hill.
964. Rintoul Street Rev. Stephen Hawtrey.
965. Riddiford Street J. W. Flower.
966. Adelaide Road J. Crawford.
967. Rintoul Street J. Crawford.
968. Adelaide Road G. Hunter.
969. Rintoul Street G. F. Young.
970. Adelaide Road J. Elliott.
971. Rintoul Street J. J. Briscoe.
972 to 989. Adelaide Road Native Reserves.
990. South Road Ed. Rice.
991. Riddiford Street J. W. Flower.
992. South Road J. J. Briscoe.
993. Riddiford Street James Kidd
994. South Road J. J. Briscoe.
995 to 1005. Russell Street Native Reserves.
1006. Waripori Street G. Hunter.
1007. Waripori Street Wm. Dorset.
1008. Waripori Street Wm. Deans.
1009 and 1010. Waripori Street Hon. H. Petre.
1011. Stanley Street S. Revans.
1012. Adelaide Road Hon. Lord Petre.
1013. Brittomart Street Sir Wm. Molesworth.
1014. Brittomart Street John Wright.
1015. Adelaide Road Hon. H. Petre.
1016. Adelaide Road J. Wright.
1017. Adelaide Road J. Heath.
1018. South Road Wm. Swainson.
1019. Adelaide Road V. Eyre.
1020. South Road Hon. A. G. Tollemache.
1021. Adelaide Road Geo. Robins.
1022. South Road Wm. Swainson.
1023. Adelaide Road Hon. H. Petre.
1024. South Road J. H. Luscombe.
1025. Adelaide Road J. Wright.
1026. Herald Street J Heath.
1027. Waripori Street Jos. Lewthwaite.
1028. Waripori Street Wm. Ive.
1029. South Road W. Sutcliffe.
1030. Russell Street J. Beaumont.
1031. South Road W. Briggs.
1032. Russell Street G. Stansfield.
1033. South Road G. Stansfield.
1034. Russell Street I. H. Frobisher.
1035. Herald Street Hon. F. J. Tollemache.page 206
1036. Herald Street B. C. T. Gray.
1037. Stanley Street J. E. Boulcott.
1038. Brittomart Street Robert Stokes.
1039. Brittomart Street F. A. Molesworth.
1040. Brittomart Street Sir Wm. Molesworth.
1041. Brittomart Street J. Reay.
1042. Stanley Street G. Hunter.
1043. Stanley Street J. E. Boulcott.
1044. Stanley Street Lady Mary Molesworth.
1045. Stanley Street J. T. Leader.
1046. Stanley Street G. Swallow.
1047. Stanley Street F. W. Jerningham.
1048. Adelaide Road F. A. Molesworth.
1049. Stanley Street Miss Mary Molesworth.
1050. Adelaide Road Joseph Somes.
1051. Stanley Street Ed. Betts Hopper.
1052. Adelaide Road Robert Few.
1053. Stanley Street J. T. Leader.
1054. Adelaide Road R. Few.
1055. Stanley Street Lady Mary Molesworth.
1056. Adelaide Road J. Lumsden.
1057. Stanley Street J. Dorset.
1058. Adelaide Road V. Eyre.
1059. Stanley Street V. Eyre.
1060. Adelaide Road F. A. Molesworth.
1061. Duppa Street H. Garrett Key.
1062. Duppa Street Clement Tabor.
1063. Herald Street Ed. Jerningham.
1064. Herald Street H. Moreing.
1065. Adelaide Road J. Wright.
1066. South Road R. H. Wood.
1067. Adelaide Road Jos. Somes.
1068. South Road R. H. Wood.
1069. Adelaide Road T. A. Hankey.
1070. South Road H. Churton.
1071. Adelaide Road Ed. Johnson.
1072. South Road Miss Mary Molesworth.
1073. Adelaide Road D. Ramsay.
1074. South Road F. Johnson.
1075. Adelaide Road G. Leach.
1076. South Road G. Leach.
1077. Adelaide Road Clement Tabor.
1078. South Road G. Boucher.
1079. South Road E. G. Wakefield.
1080. Russell Street J. Wickham Flower.
1081 and 1082. Russell Street Native Reserves.
1083. South Road F. A. Molesworth.
1084. Russell Street Benjamin Holmes.
1085. South Road Ed. Catchpool.
1086. Russell Street Saml. Revans.
1087. South Road Chas. Bigs Calmody.
1088. Russell Street Joseph Somes.
1089. South Road J. Wright.
1090. Russell Street J. Wright.
1091. South Road. Samuel Revans.
1092. Russell Street G. Barron Montifiore.
1093. South Road F. Boucher.
1094. Russell Street Hananel de Castro.
1095. Adelaide Road J. J. Frost.
1096. Adelaide Road W. Thompson.
1097. Adelaide Road J. Gemmell.
1098. Adelaide Road Native Reserves.
1099. Adelaide Road Native Reserves.
1100. Adelaide Road Native Reserves.