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Early Wellington

Dinner at the Hutt, 1851

Dinner at the Hutt, 1851.

A dinner was given to Sir George Grey, K.C.B., by the Hutt settlers on the 13th of March, 1851, to express their respect and esteem personally. The “Gazette,” of 12th July, 1851, reported the event thus:—

“The Neury barn was profusely decorated for the occasion, the whole management undertaken by the Hutt settlers.… Governor Grey arrived shortly after 3.30 p.m. and was greeted with loud cheers and the most hearty demonstrations of good will, while the band of the 65th Regiment played the National Anthem. Mr. Renall (Neury Mill), was in the chair; on his right were Sir George Grey, Lieut.-Col. McCleverty: Hon. C. A. Dillon, Civil Secretary; D. Wakefield, Attorney General: W. Wodehouse, Private Secretary to the Governor-in-chief. On his left sat His Excellency the Lieut. Governor; G. Thomas, Esq., Auditor General; J. D. Ormond, Private Secretary to the Lieut. Governor; Hon. H. W. Petre, Colonial Treasurer; and H. St. Hill, R.M.… . The visitors were the Hon. A. Tollemache; A. Ludlam, Esq., J.P.; C. E. Alzdorf, Esq.; Rev. J. Aldred; J. J. Taine; Dr. Knox; and R. Stokes; while the body of the room and the tent were filled with the settlers of the Hutt—a most respectable body and the greater part the owners of the land they occupied.

“One hundred and eighty sat down to dinner. The bill of fare comprised 3 rounds of beef, 6 large pieces of pressed beef, 6 boiled legs of mutton, 2 saddles of mutton, 4 hams, 4 tongues, 5 geese, 12 ducks, 3 turkeys, 3 sucking pigs, 4 chickens, 12 fowls, 3 pigeon pies, 6 beef steak pies, 6 plates of cucumbers, 4 bowls of salad, 6 apple tarts, 4 raspberry tarts, 18 plum puddings, 1 cake (superb), 6 dishes of custard, 10 dishes of apples, 4 dishes of pears, 4 dishes of grapes, 1 barrel of ale, 36 gallons, 1 barrel of ale, 15 gallons, 36 dozen of ginger beer, 3¾ dozen of sherry, 1½ dozen of port, 2 gallons of Martell's brandy, 6 bottles of lemon syrup, 1½cwt. potatoes, 70lbs. turnips, 50lbs. carrots, 20 large cabbages, 20lbs. of parsnips, 4½ dozen bread, and 2 cheeses.

“The vegetables and fruits were very fine, of the latter there were several first
Fig. 49—The Hutt, 1852.

Fig. 49—The Hutt, 1852.

page 160 class varieties of apples and pears and some grapes grown by Mr. Hart Udy (Black Prince and Sweet Water).”