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Early Wellington

Queen Victoria's Birthday

Queen Victoria's Birthday.

Queen Victoria's birthday functions, held on May 24th, 1849, were celebrated in the usual way, The day was delightfully fine, scarcely a cloud to be seen. Her Majesty's 65th Regiment was reviewed by Colonel McCleverty. The H.M.S. “Meander,” 44 guns, under Captain Keppel, fired a royal salute, and the band played “God Save the King.” At one o'clock the Governor held a Levee. A guard of honour, under Captain O'Connell, and the band of the 65th Regiment, were in attendance. Names of those who attended were: A. Domett, Esq.; The Attorney General; Hons. Wm. Bannatyne; W. Hickson; Geo. Hunter; G. Moore (Legislative Council); Lieut.-Col. Gold, 65th; Rev. R. Cole, Colonial Chaplain; Rev. T. B. Hutton; Rev. Bishop Viard; Rev. Forest; Rev. J. Baptiste Petit Jean; Brigade-Major Johnston, 65th Regiment; Captain Barry; Lieutenants McGregor; Gordon; Marshall; and Drought, 65th; Dr. Prendergast; Ensigns Bulkley, Hutchinson and Ewen, 65th; J. C. Wood, D.A.C.G.; J. O. Hamley, Ordnance; Captain Hon. H. Keppel; Lieutenants Murray, C. J. Johnston, Alan, and Gransmore, R.N.; J. H. Marryatt; P. W. Dalzell; W. S. Crealock; Rev. J. Thomson (“Meander”); Commander Richards (“Acheron”); Rev. J. Aldred; Major Baker; Messrs. Brierley; C. D. Barraud; Francis Bradey; K. Bethune; S. Carkeek; E. Catchpool; Major Durie; Messrs. W. page 154 Dorset; W. Eades; Dr. Fitzgerald; Messrs. T. H. Fitzgerald; J. Godley; Gill; Rev. H. Green; S. E. Grimston; J. Hoggard; J. Kelham; J. King; J. Knowles; Rev. W. Kirton; Dr. Knox; Dr. Logan; Messrs. Levin; Levy; R. Lambert; D. Lewis; A. E. McDonogh; C. Mills; J. Marshman; G. D. Monteith; W. P. Pickering; G. Pickett; J. C. Raymond; E. Roberts; H. Ross; W. B. Rhodes; R. H. Rhodes; S. Robinson; C. Sharp; J. Smith; J. Sanctuary; R. Stokes; R. R. Strang; A. B. Sealy; J. E. Smith; G. J. Thomas; J. Telford; J. Wallace; J. H. Wallace; R. Waitt. Among the other festivities, the “N.Z. Journal,” 1850, p. 39, states, “we were glad to observe a large assemblage of natives from different parts of the coast, who collected on Thorndon Flat, and were visited by Lieutenant-Governor Eyre and his lady (née Miss Ormond).”

A Settlers' Constitutional Association, formed on the 19th August, 1850, had amongst its members Messrs. J. Johnston, J. Wallace, R. Waitt, Dr. Dorset, W. E. Taunton, D. Munn, J. Ames, Edwards, Wintringham, Fisher, Plimmer, and Alexander.

The corresponding members of the Committee were: Messrs. Fox, John Godley, W. Fitzherbert, Dr. Featherston, and W. Lyon. Their business was to correspond from time to time with the Colonial Reform League and the agents of the Settlements.

Sir. C. B. Adderley, M.P., was appointed London Agent.