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Early Wellington

A Great Procession

A Great Procession.

A great event took place on Friday, 3rd May, 1844, in the “little fishing village,” as Wellington was contemptuously termed page 130 by some of its visitors, and a few of its inhabitants.

This was the laying of the foundation stone of the Mechanic's Institute, School and Library, by His Honour Major Richmond (Superintendent of the Southern Division of New Zealand), with Grand Masonic honours. The Masonic Ceremonial was arranged as a compliment to Mr. William Lyon, a prominent member of the fraternity at Port Nicholson.

The following Orders marched in Procession to the site of the proposed building (Athenaeum Exchange, Lambton Quay):

  • (1) Constables.

  • (2) Band.

  • (3) Independent Order of Rechabites, Banner,

  • A tent supported by four boys.

  • Chief Ruler.

  • Past Chief Ruler  Deputy Chief Ruler.

  • Scribe.  Secretary.

  • Brothers (two and two).

  • (4) Independent Order of Oddfellows, Banner.

  • Arms of the Lodge.

  • Tylers, with drawn Swords.

  • Warden, with Broad Axe.

  • Members of the First Degree (two and two)

  • Conductors with Bible and Chalice.

  • Members of the Second Degree (two and two).

  • Secretary, with Insignia of Office.

  • Surgeon with Staff and Serpent.

  • Supporter.  Vice-Grand.  Supporter.

  • Members of the Third Degree.

  • Banner.

  • Supporter.  Supporter.

  • Noble Grand.

  • Past Grand.  Grand Master.  Past Grand.

  • (5) The Schoolmaster of Mechanics' Institute.

  • (6) Children of the School (two and two).

  • (7) Members of Committee (two and two).

  • (8) Revs. John Macfarlane, S. Ironside and J. Woodward.

  • (9) His Honour Major Richmond and The Assistant Colonial Secretary.

  • (10) The Secretary of the Mechanics' Institute.

  • (11) The Society of Freemasons, viz.: Tyler (with drawn Sword).

  • Master of Ceremonies.  Architect.

  • (with baton).  (bearing plate.)

  • Visiting Brethren (two and two).

  • Secretary.  Treasurer.

  • Senior Deacon.  Junior Deacon.

  • Senior Warden.  Junior Warden,

  • (with Level).  (with Plumb Rule).

  • Brother, with Mallet.

  • Stewards.  The Wor. Master.  Stewards.

  • Stewards.  Inner Guard.  Stewards.

The proceedings were opened by a prayer from the Rev. John Macfarlane, and speeches were made by prominent people.

A plate, engraved by Mr. Marriott, was deposited under the Stone. The inscription, beautifully engraved, was as follows:—

“This Stone was laid May 3rd, A.D., 1844, Aera of Masonry 5844, by His Hon. Major Richmond, assisted by the Masonic and other Lodges, and Committee of Management.”

Patron, His Excellency Governor Fitzroy.

President, Colonel Wakefield.

William Swainson Esq., and William Lyon, Esq., Vice-Presidents.

J. Howard Wallace, Esq., Treasurer.

John Knowles, Esq., Secretary.*

* “N.Z. Gazette and Cook Strait Guardian,” 8th May, 1844.