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Early Wellington

Arrival of the Ship “London.”

Arrival of the Ship “London.”

On the 1st May, 1842, the “London” arrived at Wellington for the second time from England, with pasengers and cargo.

Mrs. Wills, one of the passengers, brought the first pheasants to New Zealand. A cock and three hens were landed in safety, and were passed on by Mrs. Wills to Mr. E. J. Wakefield, to have them placed under his charge. A hive of bees, also belonging to this lady, had unfortunately died on the passage.

The “London,” 700 tons, commanded by Capt. Attwood, sailed from Gravesend, in January, 1842, with 55 married couples, 14 single men, 13 single women, 24 children under fourteen, and 15 under seven.

15 deaths and one birth occurred on board. One birth occurred on shore, after landing.

The passengers comprised the following:—

Name Age No. of Children
Abbott, M. E.
Acourt, Jas. and Cathie
Andrews, Wm. and Eliza —-
Attwood, Susannah
Barb, Jas. and Mary 2
Barratt, Wm. and Mary Ann 6
Bee, Francis and Ann 1
Benton, Tim and Mary 1
Benton, Elizabeth, 16; Francis 15
Bidmead, John and Sarah 1
Bird, Wm. and Mary
Brewer, Wm. and Caroline 3
Burley, —
Burling, Henry and Mary 5
Calvert, Will
Cattell, Jas. and Mary 4
Cattell, Wm. and Elizabeth 1
Chamberlain, Thomas and Susan
Cheesman, Mrs. Ann 2
Cheesman, Mrs. Robert
Collier, Jos. and Harriett Ann 1
Collins, J. Power and Marg. 3
Collins, Jeremiah 17
Conlan, Richard and Mary 1
Dale, Wm.
Dixon, Jos. and Mary 2
Dixon, Chas. and Mary 2
Dockray, Sam and Hannah 3
Dougherty, Mrs. Daniel page 107
Dougherty, Mrs. Sarah 2
Eades, Wm. and harriett 3
Edwards, Rob 5
Empson, Mrs. Thomas
Felgate, Geo. and Martha 3
Fitchett, John and Louise 7
Florence, Thos. and Celia
Hall, Wm. Jabez and Maria 5
Hamilton, Mrs. Will
Harvey, Wm. and Sarah
Harvey, Chas 21; Alfred 18
Harvey, John17; and Sarah 22
Harvey, Jos and Sarah 1
Hodder, Walter and Emma 1
Holder, Wm. and Martha 3
Mollingworth, E. and Phillis 2
Hurley, Alex and Ann
Ikin, John and Jane 1
James, John C. and Eliza 4
Jenkins, Wm. and Cath. 2
Jones, Hen. and Mary 4
Judd, John and Selina 1
Kelham, Mrs. Georgina
Kelham, Mrs. James
Lockyer, Thos. and Eliza 3
Loweston, A. Rushton 20
Marshall, D. Watt
Martin, Mrs. Emma 2
Mason, Wm. and Lucy Ann
Mason, Wm. Fred 14; L. Ann 16
Matthews, Ch. and Eliza 1
McCarthy, Jos and Mary Ann
Poulter, Samuel and Wife
Remington, John and Rebecca
Rider, Thomas
Rogers, Chas. and Elizabeth
Saunders, Jos and Rose
Saunders, William and Maria
Scott, James and Catherine
Shepherd, Mrs. William
Short, Jas. and Charlotte 4
Stockbridge, Steph and Mary 5
Tarr, John and Eliza 3
Tattle, John and Ann 4
Taylor, Jas. and Elizabeth
Telgate, Geo. and Martha 3
Thomas, Wm. and Sophia 2
Tomkins, John and Mary 4
Torre, Mrs. Henry
Wallace, Mrs. Richard
Whale, Nathaniel
White, Amelia
Williams, Dav and Eliza 2
Willis, Mrs. Margaret
Worsley, Thos. and Ann
To Mrs. M. A. McCarthy, Feb. 16, a son.
  Rebecca Remington (May 2nd, 1942, daughter, at Port Nicholson).
Deaths 1842
Joseph Dixon 9m. Jan. 3
Edwin Matthews 9m. Jan. 25
John Jenkins 12m. Feb. 2
Wm. Stockbridge 8m. Feb. 4
Ed. Chamberlain 10m. Feb. 5
Eliza Lockyer 6m. Feb. 16
Phebe Edwards 36yrs. Feb. 24
Henry Edwards 10m. Feb. 28
William Barb 5m. Mar. 5
Thomas Barb 2yrs. Mar. 8
Chas. Burling 2yrs. Mar. 9
Mary Barb 19m. Mar. 17
Eliza Williams 19m. Mar. 19
Jane Jenkins 2yrs. Mar. 30
Mary Jones 6m. Ap. 18