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Early Wellington

Shipping Arrivals

Shipping Arrivals.

The undermentioned ships arrived during the year 1842, with passengers for Wellington:—

“Prince of Wales”: Messrs. Birnie; Crummer; Gould; J. Johnston; Joseph and H. Marshall.

“Bernian”: Messrs. G. Buck; J. Hurley; E. Lewis; H. Buck; C. H. Gillespie; and T. Cayley.

“Bombay”: Messrs. R. Eames; J. Gibbs; Amelius Smith, T. Parkinson; H. Hughlings; G. Saunders; F. Bradey (second trip); Gell; and Dr. Hodgkinson.

“Bronan”: Mr. Duck and wife.

“Essex”: Dr. R. L. Vane; and Messrs. A. and C. Aubrey.

“Exporter”: Messrs. W. Allen; J. and Jas. Hyams; J. Roe; and K. Samuel.

“Esther”: Messrs. C. Alzdorf and J. G. Rush.

“Fifeshire”: Messrs. Cullen and T. W. Trower.

“Indemnity”: Dr. J. Hoggard; J. Hunter; J. Coleman; A. Dowstand; and A. and H. Betts.

“Explorer”: Mr. J. Collier.

“Lord Auckland” (Capt. Jardine): Messrs. T. O'Malley; Barnicoat; and Otterson. The “Lord Auckland” was wrecked later, and the remains are on the Otaki beach.

The “Mary Ann Wade” was the first vessel built in Wellington: Capt. Tulett was in charge.

“Maria Theresa”: Messrs. R. Hyrons and T. Hooper.

“New York Packet”: Messrs. C. Brewster; J. Constable; R. Beamish;— Heatherane; A. W. Hort;—Shepher.

“Regia”: Dr. Croverow; Messrs. J. Lean and Crope.

“Scotia”: Mr. H. F. Eager.

“Thomas Sparkes”: Messrs. J. Cudby and J. H. Marriott.

“Three Brothers”: Mr. S. Howland.

“Tobago”: Messrs. Ferguson; Hornbrook; and Lord.

“The “Tomatin,” with Mrs. Martin (wife of Judge Martin), the Bishop of New Zealand (Dr. Selwyn), and others, arrived in May, 1842.