Title: Robley: Te Ropere, 1840—1930

Author: Timothy Walker

Publication details: University of Auckland, 1985, Auckland

Digital publication kindly authorised by: Timothy Walker

Part of: The Moko Texts Collection

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Robley: Te Ropere, 1840—1930

Group Portraits

page 328

Group Portraits

116. Kauri Gum Diggers from Katikati, at Te Papa 1865

  • w/c, pencil & ink on white cart.

  • 207 × 297 mm.

  • NMNZ Collection FA 830

  • Purchased from the artist by the N.Z. Govt, 1905


Verso: (ink, R's hand) upper centre

“Kauri gum diggers/from Katikati/at Te Papa — 1866.” [NB: date is either ‘1865’ changed to ‘1866’ or vice versa].

Robley Album: (ink, R's hand)

“23/ Peace Times Tauranga 1865/gum diggers from Kati Kati/G. Robley.”

117. Portraits at Waimapu (1865)

  • w/c on white cart.

  • 212 × 278 mm.

  • NMNZ Collection FA 744

  • Purchased from the Artist by the N. Z Govt, 1905


Verso: (pencil, R's hand) inverse

[sketch of soldiers & tents in landscape]

Robley Album: (ink, R's hand)

“39/ Portraits at Waimapu E.C./tatued man/upper lip plucked of hair (1865) G. Robley/Maoris.”

118. [Three Portraits] (1865)

  • w/c on white paper

  • 198 × 215 mm.

  • NMNZ Collection FA 1704

  • Purchased from the Artist by the NZ Govt, 1905


Verso: (pencil, R's hand) centre [↑]

[sketch of houses/tents/barracks.]

Robley Album: (ink, R's hand)

“31/Portraits Young Man untatued/woman tatued (sic.) chin like a man/lips/round nostrils/between eyebrows/corners of mouth//old man [tattooed] line from nostril to chin// young [man] untatued/ /G. Robley/ 1865.”