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The Founders of Canterbury

Colonial History Series

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Colonial History Series

This series of reprints aims at presenting a wide variety of books; their link is that they all deal with some aspect of the relations between European powers and other parts of the world—including such topics as exploration, trade, settlement and administration. Historical studies, and books which furnish the raw material of history, will find a place, and publications will not be restricted to works in English. Many titles reprinted will have new introductions by authorities on the subject.

Also available in this series

J. S. Marais. The Colonisation of New Zealand (Series No. 47)

Anthony Trollope. Australia and New Zealand, 2 volumes. (Series Nos. 44 and 45)

George Palmer. Kidnapping in the South Seas, with new introduction by D. H. Simpson (Series No. 70)

R. L. Stevenson. A Footnote to History: Eight Years of Trouble in Samoa (Series No. 7)