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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 11th June, 1849

Reigate, 11th June, 1849.

My Dear Rintoul,

—I had some hope of seeing the Lincoln-Vancouver trick shown up in the Post or Herald this morning.

I am told that Stafford was very angry at Lincoln's reception of his proposal that the motion should be altered so as to enable the Stanley party to support it. Could we get into direct communication with Stafford? If we could, I think we could put his people in the way of framing a motion or two so as to compel the Grahamites to support them, or, at worst, page 67expose their own dirty policy. Godley is now out of the work Is Adderley? I should think not; for I mistake him if he does not feel indignant at the tricky self-seeking of Godley's friends. Molesworth? Could not he frame a motion with respect to the Australian constitutions, which the Stanleyites would, and the Grahamites almost must support? I am bent on spoiling the game of the latter, at all events. They have been selling us all through—from the day when you and I together saw Lincoln, and you drew a distinction between Peel and him, down to your interview with Gladstone at Godley's.