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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 9th June

Reigate, 9th June.

My Dear Godley,

—If "the Lincolnites" are not merely pursuing the game of getting into office along with the Whigs page 65(which, by the way, is becoming a fixed public impression) they might, at least, propound for Australasia a scheme of municipal government for discussion, and sending out to the colonies—which is all that the Office means to do with its scheme. I am preparing, not a rival Bill, but a rival scheme, to be expounded by word of mouth in the Commons. There is time for it; the second reading of Hawes's Bill being put off. If the scheme were framed immediately, we could get some people (such as Molesworth) to prepare for supporting it.

This would not prevent the moving of amendments, in Committee on Hawes's Bill, by Stafford, &c.: but I think that Bill will never get so far. The rival scheme should be pro-pounded on the second reading of Hawes's Bill. If it were good and well developed, it might get the N. Z. matter through yet.