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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 1st June, 1849

page 62
Reigate, 1st June, 1849.

My Dear Godley,

—Pray see the inclosed. It strikes me that much good might be done by inducing your colonizing friends to patronize and attend the meeting. The three present Patrons are Peelites. Could you not add to that list some of the Canterbury notabilities? I should like to see half-a-dozen more Patrons, all either Peelites or Stanleyites. Adderley and Stafford should be asked at any rate: and if some more leading Stanleyites could be got to patronize, their names would tell usefully just now in Downing-street, as showing their interest in the subject. What think you of Stanley himself being asked? Of course, the getters-up of the Soirée would print a fresh paper if they had the new names immediately. Further, those who can be got to attend the Soirée will feel a more real interest in the subject than they did before. Ladies, you see, are expected; and such re-unions interest them. There will be some speechifying, and reports in the papers on the ensuing Monday. We might make the occasion very telling on Hawes and Grey, as well as on Peelites and Stanleyites (by interesting them and bringing them out as colonizers) with a view to the "Act for the Government of New Zealand."

You could manage particulars with Wm. Hutt, who invited Lincoln, Ashburton, and Gladstone to be Patrons, and would, I am certain, gladly fall in with my present view.