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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 14th May, 1849

Reigate, 14th May, 1849.

My Dear Rintoul,

—Will Spectator stand another colonial topic this week?

If she will, I should send one with the title of Annexation of the Colonies of England.

The article would consist of two parts. The first would relate to the principle of annexation to the United States, page 57with the uses of it to the annexing community. The second would he a recommendation to English colonies to annex to England rather than the United States: and here I should dwell on the similitude or identity of the annexation and municipal principles, showing that our old colonies—and those of New England in particular—were really annexed to England, just as Illinois or Texas is to the American Union; that they were States in the enjoyment of a local sovereignty independent of the Imperial Parliament; that the whole principle of American annexation has grown out of our old colonial charters; and that by recurring to the old practice of England, we should get all the good for colonies and mother-country, which annexation provides for the separate States and the United States of America. What say you?