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The Founders of Canterbury

The Right Honourable Lord Petre. Reigate, 5th February, 1849

page 47
The Right Honourable Lord Petre. Reigate, 5th February, 1849.

Dear Lord Petre,

—I remind you of my existence by begging you to accept the accompanying Book.

By it, as well as almost constant illness for years would permit, I make an appeal to the great public on behalf of a cause, in which you are deeply interested from hereditary, patriotic, and parental considerations.

As the suggestions relating to colonization and colonial government, which the Book contains, are those which you have wished to see realised, I doubt not that you will approve of them in this new form. And with respect to the personal matter which, in self-defence against injustice and oppression, I have reluctantly introduced into this publication, I should feel sure of your sympathy as a gentleman and a man of spirit, even if you had not taught me under more adverse circumstances than the present, the generous aid of your countenance and friendship.

Believe me to remain,

Dear Lord Petre,

Very faithfully and truly yours,

E. G. Wakefield.