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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 12th December, 1847

Reigate, 12th December, 1847.

My Dear Godley,

—After I wrote to you yesterday, the New Zealand Company's committee agreed on resolutions, of which a copy will be sent to you.

I am going to Dale Park with Mr. Cowell, "Her Majesty's Commissioner" attached to the Company, for the purpose of working with him on the plan, so far at least as concerns the Company. We have been requested to do so by the Committee. The Committee consists of F. Baring, the Deputy Governor, Aglionby, Hutt, J. A. Smith, and myself, with the Commissioner. "We shall meet again before the end of the week, and agree on a Report to the Court of Directors which will be adopted. Next week, in short, matters will be ripe for your presence. I know you can't come till the 10th January, page 5but explain how little time I have lost in order that you may pave the way by letters. I have proposed a salary for you of £500 a year, to which there is no objection: on the contrary. We shall settle all that we can without you, but many important questions must remain undetermined till you shall be here. Of course your thoughts will be busy upon such points as the constitution and working of the Society. I give you notice that my son would like to be one of its most working members as an intending colonist. He rejoices in the prospect of a strong Church colour, rather than neutrality, which is another word for inefficiency.

In the Society whose expenses would be advanced by the Company, and ultimately form part of the "Preliminary Expenses" of founding the settlement, I am desirous of bespeaking a working place for my nephew, Charles Torlesse, who wishes to be a colonist, (I almost hope that his father and my sister may too) and whom I have drilled at clerical work.

P.S.—Shall you enlist the Bishop of Oxford? I have a great notion of him.