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The Founders of Canterbury

Chateau Mabille, 29th December, 1848

Chateau Mabille, 29th December, 1848.

My Dear Rintoul,

—Not to trouble you without need, I write to Parker telling him to please himself about the form of the book.

On Sunday afternoon, the remainder of the M.S. (with the exception of two or three letters quite at the end, which do not form part of the main exposition) will, I doubt not, be delivered at your house.

On Monday, I purpose crossing the channel, and sleeping at the White Hart at Reigate (where I shall reside for the preseut); but this move is not absolutely certain, as I shall not dare, in the very ticklish state of head just now, to go to sea if the water should be rough. At all events, you shall hear from me on Tuesday morning.

I agree with your objections to the mention of your name in that manner, and even, if you will, to the mention of it at all. But if you thus stick to the anonymous, what is to be page 38the Spectator's place in this procession? I tried to make a place worthy of it, supposing the procession not to be wholly unworthy of it: but not pleasing myself in the attempt I left the statue of Brutus out. But neither does this please me; because, though it does very well for the Spectator, as it did for Brutus, it makes me seem shabbily ungrateful. We must have a talk about it.