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The Founders of Canterbury

Adelphi, 19th October, 1850

Adelphi, 19th October, 1850.

My Dear Sewell,

—I am very sorry to say that Rintoul, for mighty reasons which he urges, pronounces an irrevocable "No."

His judgment is clear that the whole matters of Jackson's money mess, very clearly and drily, but completely stated, in its bearings on his fitness for the office, should be communicated without delay in writing to the Bishop of Norwich. Without delay, says Rintoul, in order that it may be done before the attacks in the press which, he agrees with me in thinking, are almost sure to echo in public the talk in private that is now going on. He considers the present state an utter but secret dissatisfaction as most dangerous for all concerned, and unfair to Jackson. He adopts my distinction of execution and assassination: and, above all, I think, he seems to think that the concealment from Jackson, and those who recommended him, of the true impression of yourself and Wynter, is wrong.