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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 16th October, 1850

Reigate, 16th October, 1850.

My Dear Wynter,

—The enclosed from the Daily News may amuse you.

page 339

But ray real object in writing is to express an opinion which keeps me awake o'nights; viz., that if there should be any wavering in the blow to be struck for Canterbury Settlement and the Church, those who strike will not break anything but; their own knuckles. Only one objection should be be urged—the incapacity for dealing with money-matters, amounting to aberration of mind—but that one should be urged with equal resolution at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. If the objectors should ever shrink a hair's breadth, or only seem to hesitate, it would be all over with them. The objection is all sufficient if firmly maintained; if not, it would recoil on those who made it.

Captain Simeon (who will be there to-morrow) told me of a case in which all the money subscribed at a meeting had been taken off, and the getters-up of the meeting left in the lurch for expenses out of pocket.