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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 5th October 1850

Reigate, 5th October 1850.

My Dear Sewell,

—This would be painful, not to say dreadful, if it were true: for I must needs pursue the course we are on notwithstanding the kindness of the man to me Only in that case, I would be quite plain with him, and tell him exactly my thoughts.

But it is not true. He writes it only because he feels that he is in a mess, and that my support might be of use to him So, it is humbug; and so disagreeable, both on Canterbury and personal grounds, as to give me comfort by helping to justify and necessitate the steps that must be taken if the Church principle of Canterbury is to be saved.

I have a very distinct view of the first step; which, if it be properly taken, will be followed up as a matter of course. It is that letters to Jackson and Godley, by the Isabella Hercus, should make Jackson aware of his extreme danger. If he should be fully conscious of it, he will readily fall into any plan that Godley and Bishop Selwyn may hit off for the saving of Canterbury as respects the Church. Pray think of it.