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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 1st October, 1850

Reigate, 1st October, 1850.

My Dear Sewell,

—Hutt's object in asking me to go with him yesterday, was to propose Lord —— for a colonist. I page 337strongly objected that the emigration of "the pauper peer" would throw ridicule upon one of our main pretensions. He seemed to give way but not willingly; and I should not wonder if he persevered in urging that folly.

With my own eyes and ears I witnessed the frustration of our objects both by him and Alston. Two probable colonists I saved myself who were going away, the one alarmed and the other disgusted. Names of both at your service.

Reflecting on the question discussed before Mr. Nugent Wade, I have come to agree with Wynter that it is the plain duty of the Committee to resolve that, cæteris paribus, clergymen having private property, and the more the better, are greatly, and for many reasons, preferable to others. Is there not too much discussion of this point? I can assure you, and I have no doubt that Wynter will recollect the fact, that the first view of this question as taken by himself, Godley, and me, was that all the clergymen ought to be, and easily might be, men of property. But what is needed is decision and action.