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The Founders of Canterbury

The Lord Bishop of Norwich

The Lord Bishop of Norwich.

Reigate, 1st August, 1850.

My dear Lord,

—Knowing that Mr. Sewell is to see you to-morrow, I am induced to mention; 1st, that he is now—that is in Lord Lyttelton's absence—more than any body else, the Canterbury Association itself; 2nd, that his acceptance of the post of Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Management has provided the Corporation, for the first time, with a capable, trusted, and responsible officer; which it has, all along since Godley's departure, very much needed; 3rd, that I have had the best means of estimating Mr. Sewell's talents and character from boyhood till now, though I only know him through the colonizing business; and, 4th, that I have learned by degrees and experience to believe that he is highly gifted with acuteness, circumspection, judgment, industry, elevation of view, and refinement of taste, all governed by strong conscientiousness and a single-minded, disinterested, unambitious wish for the success of the work which he has undertaken from love of it. This is a very high character, but I really believe, not above the truth; and my means of forming an opinion have been as good as could be.

Mr. Sewell little knows what I am writing; but I told him that I should venture to trouble you with a line about himself, as it might perhaps accelerate the time when he would be able, in ecclesiastical and even political difficulties, to obtain the advantage of your friendly counsel.