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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 1st August, 1850

Reigate, 1st August, 1850.

My Dear Sewell,

—I know very little about Mr. Abraham; only that he is a clever, shining, and, I believe, taking man in society. He was not clever enough though to learn, from a good deal of teaching, that New Plymouth cannot soon become great, because Natives and Flocks cannot live together. With respect to money, I have no doubt that the Customs at Lyttelton will yield an ample revenue for Judges and other officers. All the settlements have done so from the first, except Otago. I have rather a fancy for this gentleman, so far as I know him. Is he, or will he be, married? One should like to meet him, and soon.

page 303

See the enclosed, which came this morning. FitzGerald, I suppose, has spoken to you. The account of Honours looks well: but is there the churchmanship? We ought to take care that all the first officers are churchmen: for these will be the seed of the social future. I am engaged to be at Cockspur Street at three o'clock, to meet Dr. Williams, and should be glad to present him to you.