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The Founders of Canterbury

Boulogne, July 12, 1848

Boulogne, July 12, 1848.

My Dear Godley,

—I was glad to see your handwriting. It gave me the only information I have received of your doings since I left London, save that I had a letter from my nephew, Charles Torlesse, informing me that he was going out with Captain Thomas; whereupon I wrote to the latter a letter which I requested that he would show to you. It was an improper appointment, and ought not to have been made without consulting me.

I know without further deliberation what your Society ought now to do. It ought to do whatever is needful for getting together a colony on the move, or body of intending colonists. This is the one thing needful: it is indispensable; and all the rest would follow. But there are obstacles; and I fear that the absolute dependence of Thomas's mission for success on the good-will of the Bishop may prove a formidable one. However, it is most desirable that we should fully dis-page 31cuss the subject. For which purpose I should not mind the trip to London (an affair of six hours) but that I know that in London, after the journey, my poor head would not be in the right condition for the work in hand. If we are to do any good by meeting we must meet here, I think. Still, I will go to you if you find the journey too inconvenient. And furthermore, I suppose that you are in no hurry. If so, there is a better prospect of getting Rintoul to accompany you; for he will not leave town during the session. If you and he come together you should arrange for staying a few days. I should be more free two or three weeks hence than now.