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The Founders of Canterbury

The Lord Lyttelton

The Lord Lyttelton.

Reigate, 18th July, 1850.

My Dear Lord,

—May I suggest that the Colonists' leave-taking at Blackwall would be graced by the presence of the Colonial Minister, and that Lord and Lady Grey would be likely to come if in the first instance privately invited by yourself? Much good, in several forms, might grow out of their acceptance of the invitation.

May I ask also if this is not an occasion out of Mr. Gladstone's rule against doing anything out of the House of Commons that may be more properly done there? Perhaps if Mr. Gladstone did this kindness to the departing colonists, Lord Stanley might be induced to co-operate in it. Whilst the occasion is of a nature to render it difficult for any body to refuse, it seems to make a piece of neutral ground where several ex-ministers for the colonies might suitably meet notwithstanding party differences.