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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 27th June, 1850

Reigate, 27th June, 1850.

My Dear Mr. Simeon,

—With regard to the land for Godley, I wish to supply an omission. I omitted to say that it is not proposed to make Grodley a present of the land, which perhaps he would not accept, but only to buy it in his name, because he is absent, and to let him pay for it by and by.

The advantage for him, according to my deliberate view, would be obtaining for one or two thousand pounds what, when he pays for it a year or two hence, may be worth eight or ten thousand or more.

Moreover, I am quite satisfied that, unless the sty should fall, land in the first ballot will be saleable in England for more than it cost, and before the second deposit shall be due. So that if Godley's friends should (in a case supposed for argument's sake) change their mind, they might sell out at a profit. I mean to show that this great service to Grodley may be done without any risk of losing a shilling.


E. G. Wakefield.

P.S.—Myself, I cannot spare any money just now, but I am so sure of the safety of the move, that I would join in such a security to Messrs. Cocks and Co. as would induce them to enter Godley's application in their books as having the deposit of 50 per cent paid.