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The Founders of Canterbury

Wednesday, 26th June, 1850

Wednesday, 26th June, 1850.

My Dear Simeon,

—Has the question ever been asked, whether some land should be bought for Godley? I have often thought of it, but am not intimate enough with any of his family to mention the subject to them. It might prove a subject of great moment to Godley. My own impression is—knowing how charmed people are when things go well—that he will probably set up in the Britain of the South—a better page 295place any how than Leitrim. And if he did, it would be a sad pity that a good property had not been secured for him by means of such a comparative trifle as it would cost in the first ballot. It is a question for relatives, and perhaps friends who are rich.

Yours truly,

E. G. Wakefield.