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The Founders of Canterbury

Resolution enclosed in the above

Resolution enclosed in the above.

That whereas some provisions of the Australian Colonies Government Bill are based on the following assumptions—that final legislation by the Imperial Parliament is inexpedient by reason of a deficiency of information in this country page 272as to the state of colonial opinion, that the delay occasioned by waiting for ample information on the subject would be mischievous, and that the evils both of delay and of finally legislating without sufficient information may be averted by means of delegating to the colonies some important powers of constituent legislation—therefore this House is of opinion that the said Bill is self-contradictory in making the exercise of such powers of constituent legislation subject to the sanction of the Imperial Government, and that the same ought to have immediate and final effect in the colonies without the hurtful delays of reference to the Colonial Office in London, and the still more objectionable risk of disallowance by that distant authority.