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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 8th May, 1850

Reigate, 8th May, 1850.

My Dear J. A. Smith,

—I am going to Town to-morrow by appointment, and shall write to you afterwards, proposing to meet somewhere on Friday.

Meanwhile, I must communicate a thought which has been uppermost since yesterday. It is, that if what you said to me about Lord Lyttelton could be communicated to him, so that he should feel that he had the power, by means of a sacrifice, of putting New Zealand colonization on the best possible footing, his strong sense of right would very likely induce him to make the sacrifice. It is one thing to consider such a question hypothetically, with an "if"; another to decide it practically, when it is put thus—"You may if you will."

My own impression is that he would say "Yes," if he knew beforehand that his offer would not be rejected.