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The Founders of Canterbury

The Lord Lyttelton. Reigate, 15th April, 1850

page 260
The Lord Lyttelton. Reigate, 15th April, 1850.

My Dear Lord,

—To-day I came to a complete understanding with Mr. Brittan as to what will satisfy the Colonists. It is embodied in the draft of a proposed letter from the Committee, which I beg leave to enclose. It has Mr. Brittan's entire concurrence. In drawing it with his cooperation as to tender points for the Colonists who want to get away, I seized the opportunity (a natural and easy one) of stating all the changes it is desirable to make, and of announcing the principal change from contingency to certainty. If your Lordship should approve of this letter, and if the Committee will then be so good as to pass it without material alteration, it ought, I think, to be printed to-morrow, so as to be of service at the meeting, where it might be distributed, and some of it perhaps read aloud.

I have taken the pains to weigh all of it; because it would form the basis of the new articles of Terms of Purchase, and would, in fact, mark the new starting point of the Association under more favourable circumstances.

As to-morrow's proceedings of the Committee will be very important, I intend to be at Charing Cross at eleven o'clock, with the hope of seeing your Lordship before the Committee shall meet.

All sorts of matters relating to the meeting have been attended to to-day, including some precautions for having a good Report in all the papers except the Times.

An article in the Times as well as a Report would be most valuable, and would very likely result from a proper application in the right quarter. Articles in some other papers have been secured.