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The Founders of Canterbury

R. S. Rintoul, Esq

R. S. Rintoul, Esq.

Redhill, 1st May, 1848.

My Dear, Rintoul,

—C. Buller came to see me on Saturday. He did not tell me (as Lord Grey did Godley) of the Government scheme of emigration, but he left me without a doubt as to its existence. And I have heard of it from other page 27quarters. From Buller, whose object it was to prepare me for it, and conciliate me to it, 1 gathered its general nature, viz., a loan of large amount, not less than a million—perhaps two or three—to he authorised by Parliament for sending out "poor people;" no "colonization;" no improvement of Colonial Government; no improvement of the practices in disposing of land; but the loan to be charged on the land fund in the different colonies: in short, the latter point being a sham, because everything is done to prevent the growth of a land fund; it is a scheme for nothing else than the shovelling out of paupers at the public expense. Lord Grey, Buller, and Hawes, having failed in all their promises with respect both to colonization and government, fall back upon Wilmot Hortonism! I purpose writing to-day a topic on the subject, which, if you should approve of it, would take the place of the intended topic for next Saturday. My aim will be to nip the scheme in the bud.