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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 8th April, 1850

Reigate, 8th April, 1850.

My. dear J. A. Smith,

—I have your letter of last night.

My object in wishing to meet you early to-morrow was, that we might agree about the form of guarantee before the meeting at Charing Cross at twelve, when, I suppose, the guarantee question will be settled one way or the other. But if you approve of the form I sent to you last night, there will be no need of our meeting: it will only be necessary to make Harrington's official letter agree with the form. What I want to know is, whether the Company will agree to the form; so that it may not be objected to after being signed

P.S.—I was distressed at seeing in the Times to-day, that a convict ship, with "exiles" from Parkhurst and Portland has sailed for New Zealand.