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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 5th April, 1850

Reigate, 5th April, 1850.

My Dear FitzGerald,

—I am afraid it is all over with the guarantee project, and with New Zealand Canterbury: for when once the guarantee proposal was entertained, it became vain to hope that the Company would not insist on it. The right course would have been to scout it at first, and throw on the Company all the responsibility of failure. As this was not done, I see no alternative but either the guarantee in page 248time, or failure which will be that of the Association. I strongly objected to the guarantee at first: the present fright at it, now that it is reduced to a nominal liability, surprises me. But I can do no more. Neither rejecting the guarantee at the proper time, nor consenting to it in time, the Canterbury scheme will fall entre deux chaises par terre. I grieve for Godley and the frustration of high hopes for colonization. What I expect is that nothing will be decided, but that the affair will die out by lapse of time: and then will come repentance.

Ever yours,

E. G. Wakefield.