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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 25th March, 1850

page 237
Reigate, 25th March, 1850.

My Dear FitzGerald,

—No letter from you at noon. So I know nothing about an appointment except what you say in the letter by Felix. This is not enough. I cannot go to a meeting without knowing why and by whom invited. I, therefore, purpose being at Rintoul's at eleven. Pray meet me there, if you wish me to go further.

At present, I rather agree with Hutt about the £100,000. It would, I think, spoil the whole affair, to close the application box and settle priorities when only £30,000 was sold: and so far, Hutt is right, I think, about Godley.

Nor do I thiuk it is time you want; certainly not more than to the end of June. What you want is certainty—say that the first body of colonists will be dispatched by the end of summer: then do as we did before with Adelaide and Wellington—that is, fix a day, not too near, for closing the box, and settling priorities: do this, and you will sell £200,000 or £300,000 worth. I am sure of it. And the way to get this done, is to send without delay the letter you drafted yesterday.

But come to Rintoul's.