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The Founders of Canterbury

Redhill, 6th July, 1848

Redhill, 6th July, 1848.

My Dear Godley,

—Wednesday for the N. Z. Bill leaves but short time for preparations. In order to make the most of it, I think there would be great advantage in a conference with Lord Lincoln; Rintoul and I being present as well as you. You are fixed elsewhere. There remains but Tuesday. I would gladly go to town on purpose; and I am sure if you ask Rintoul hc will make a point of attending. My reason for proposing this is, that I don't feel satisfied that Lord L. is going on the right tack for insuring some valuable practical result. The occasion, if well handled, may be made far more important than it seems. There is no time for correspondence; and a brisk discussion of the question of policy and modes of proceeding in Lord L.'s presence could hardly fail to be of service.

Is he aware of the protest of certain colonists then in Eng-page 25land against the plan of a democratic constitution, winch was sent to Lord Grey? If my son did not give you a copy of it, I will send you one to-morrow.