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The Founders of Canterbury

John Hutt, Esq. Reigate, 6th March, 1850

John Hutt, Esq. Reigate, 6th March, 1850.

My Dear Hutt,

—I begged Bellairs to tell you of his father's final indecision, so to speak. It is a great nuisance, because we have lost precious time in the expectation of having got a man of some consequence to put forward as leader of colonists. And I am afraid that now such a man will not be found in time. If he should turn up the chances page 228are a thousand to one against his wishing for any office either for himself or an eldest son. So, the office which we rather cooked-up than otherwise to enlist the Bellairs family, may now enlist somebody else: and there is nobody whom I consider more fit for it than EitzGerald. He will do the work of Emigration Agent well; will be of service in various other ways; and will be a great acquisition to the colony as regards talents. Only let us beware of imagining that he will supply the place of a country gentleman of the highest character for prudence who would have taken £70,000 to the colony. That sort of man, may, I trust, yet be found.

Wynter's account of your proceedings on Monday was most satisfactory.