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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 1st March, 1850

page 225
Reigate, 1st March, 1850.

My Dear FitzGerald,

—I shall be glad to see Mr. Monsell as you propose. He ought to master the actual constitutional law of New Zealand in its two Provinces and general Government.

With respect to yourself, I am really anxious to make out some way of promoting the success of your emigrating project. But the idea of the last week is not reasonable. There may be reasonable ideas on that subject; and I wish that we had spent our time when you were here in endeavouring to find them. Can you think of anything else that would meet your objects, except taking what was intended for Bellairs with his family? I wish you would tell me precisely what your objects are, and what you require or desire. I am sure that all Godley's friends, and none more than myself, would be glad to see you pleased, and embarked in a good career. Neither can they doubt that you have talents that might be of great service to the colony. But what can they do? What, precisely, do you think of, supposing always that you had never heard of such a post as that which was destined for Bellairs? These questions are fit to be answered rather orally than by letter: and letter-writing to any purpose is out of my power.