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The Founders of Canterbury

John Hutt, Esq. Reigate, 1st March, 1850

John Hutt, Esq. Reigate, 1st March, 1850.

My Dear Hutt,

—I had the enclosed in my pocket yesterday, intending to give it to you as a mem. for consideration.

It is pleasant to find that the Norwich clergy have formed a Branch Association. This might be done in many places if the Committee would bestir themselves.

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I have written to the Bishop of Norwich for an interview, and shall probably see him to-morrow. If I go to town, I will call at Charing Gross, in order to ascertain more distinctly than I now know, what course you wish the Bishop to take.

Bellairs, I hear, is all but free. I wished to talk with you yesterday about Fitzgerald, whom, both for liking to him and for Godley's affection to him, I would gladly aid in his emigrating view for himself. But of this, to-morrow.

P.S.—I hope the Committee will get over its impatience to announce that it is ready to receive applications for land. No good could come, and some considerable harm might come, of receiving applications before the thing is ripe in the public mind. At present it is quite green: and though it is true that one month put of the three is gone, yet the receiving of applications would not extend the time an hour. What the committee have to do is to work at ripening the affairs in the public mind; making as much stir as they can about it every where; and removing without delay the grand obstacle of fear and uncertainty with respect to the party theology of the Settlement. And I am sure that if they are wise, they will say nothing about land and money till those subjects shall be obviously mentioned from necessity. To my fancy, the Tancred circular is considerably spoiled by the sort of P.S. about land.

Would you like to have a meeting of Godley's friends, which I conld attend, in the "two pair back" room, for the purpose of stimulating to that personal exertion, without which this affair will not be got through in the time? If you would, ask Wynne, Cocks, Simeon, McGreachy, and Adderley to meet on Monday at an early hour, so as to allow some time before your committee meeting.