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The Founders of Canterbury

Redhill, Reigate, 14th January, 1848

page 21
Redhill, Reigate, 14th January, 1848.

My Dear Godley,

—Your letters shall be looked after.

I forgot to tell you that the Free Church of Scotland finds the Otago Colony (founded by a Committee of lay members of that Church—that is, by itself) a most valuable topic in its intercourse with the public. It is a very interesting topic. So is the conversion of savages, as used by the Church Missionary Society. There is something in it which appeals pleasantly to the imagination and the best feelings. Whereas the sole topic of the Propagation Society is "religious destitution" in the colonies, which is a painful topic and one of which people soon weary. After more reflection, with sleep between, I am persuaded that if the Venerable Society took this matter up, they would serve themselves more than they would us by appropriating it, and feel the benefit even this year—even after the sermons on the Queen's letter—by an increase of their funds plainly attributable to that cause. I am so sure of it, that if you cannot convince Mr. Hawkins, I wish you would let me try.

I am so sure of it, that in my mind it would be well worth their while,' if time is deficient, to keep back for a time the use of the Queen's letter.